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corners of my home | 03

workspace 01

i spend a ridiculous amount of my day sat behind a desk staring at a computer screen, be it in the office at my day job, or at home in the corner of my bedroom designated as my “workspace.” it may sound like i’m complaining, but i’m really not: my workspace is my favourite corner of my home (ok, besides my bed!), as it’s where the magic happens!

i don’t just blog from this little corner; it’s the space in which i’m constantly inspired, from clicking through new posts by my favourite bloggers to scrolling for hours on pinterest, from catching up on the latest world news to relaxing in front of my favourite tv show whilst eating dinner (hands up who else is obsessed with scandal just now?!).

i was lucky enough to be gifted a herman miller sayl chair a little while ago and i thank my lucky stars every single day for that, given the amount of time i spend sitting in that comfortable reclining seat. it’s where i sit back to contemplate my words each time i sit down to write (like right now!); where i ponder and reflect. i like to keep my workspace as clutter-free as possible – although that’s easier said than done – and i’ve opted to keep the furnishings as clean and minimal as possible, choosing the calm serenity of white for my desk, lamp, stationery – even my laptop!

eagle-eyed readers will also spot that i even have a nespresso machine on hand for when the caffeine cravings strike… but more on that another time!

workspace 02

in my workspace: 1. ikea 2. papermash 3. herman miller 4. ikea 5. toshiba 6. ording & reda 7. west elm 8. leuchtturm1917 9. smug (sadly only in navy now, but it’s pretty lovely too!) 10. caran d’ache

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  1. Gorgeous space! :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! x