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geometric gatherings

Kivo at CDW 01

with clerkenwell design week in full swing and offering up an almost overwhelming wealth of design talent and creative flair i have been extremely lucky to have had a welcome little respite from all buzz and hubbub, in the form of a wonderful workspace provided to me by leading office design innovators, herman miller.

to mark the launch of their new workspace solution system, KIVO, the company have taken up residence at the workstation showroom on st. john’s lane to showcase the innovative geometric system in a variety of different forms and functions.

Kivo at CDW 03

inspired by kiva circles of the anasasi, where social gathering and celebratory ceremonies traditionally took place, the adaptable nature of KIVO is designed to inspire flexibility and creativity to create a “living office” approach to contemporary workspaces.

breaking with traditional spatial conventions of regimented office set-ups, KIVO encourages you to adapt your working environment to the requirements of the moment. the lightweight system uses the geometry of a simple equilateral triangle to great effect, allowing an open space to be quickly transformed into a private polygonal cocoon for individual working, or expanded into a more inclusive workspace that encourages collaboration without distracting others using the same workplace.

Kivo at CDW 02

designed by young german designer alexander lorenz, the polish steel skeleton provides a strong framework that is robust and durable, while the triangular felt tiles – available in a wide spectrum of colours – add a tactile element to the structure whilst also helping to dampen acoustics and provide screens for privacy. this vision of a modular free-standing system was realised through a complex algorithm which allowed lorenz to digitally model thousands of different structural combinations to help redefine the modern working environment.

while KIVO functions as an essential demarcation of space in the office it also makes a powerful architectural statement, providing a geometric mosaic that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional, and provides a flexible canvas which can be moved or adapted again and again to suit your working requirements.

Kivo at CDW 04

the pop-up KIVO workspaces at clerkenwell design week showcase this new flexible approach to modern working and highlight the new working landscape which is inherently global and seamlessly digital.

as a blogger covering the show in semi-real time, it was a refreshing relief to be able to escape the stresses of a vibrant and buzzing design festival for a few hours and set up my own little work station in the showroom, and take time out to catch up on pressing emails, edit photos and work on my posts in my own private cocoon. being on the go for 12+ hours during a design festival is an exhausting challenge, so it was a complete delight to be able to stop by the showroom regularly to check in online at a private booth, or take a moment out to chill out (and gossip!) with my fellow bloggers in a more open pod.

Kivo at CDW 05

as attitudes to modern office culture continue to shift and adapt, it is great to herman miller both recognising and embracing this evolution in behaviour and helping to reshape the workplace to dynamically support the way we work today. be sure to stop by workstation to check it out if you get a chance, but be quick – CDW ends tomorrow!

KIVO by herman miller at workstation, 28 st. john’s lane, clerkenwell, ec1

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