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corners of my home | 05

coffee station 01

i shared a few snapshots of my workspace a couple of weeks ago, and mentioned that i kept my nespresso coffee machine close to hand – well, here it is:

while one end of my lengthy micke desk is dedicated to all things blog-related, the other is reserved for a (not-so) secret coffee stash! i finally converted to nespresso at the start of the year after long being seduced by the sleek machines, colourful pods and beautiful ad campaigns (hello george!), and naturally was instantly smitten.

i’ve also recently come across cru kafe capsules that fit your nespresso machine, and whilst i’ve been highly skeptical of many of the fake-nespresso pods around these days, i was pleasantly surprised to learn about these eco-friendly compatible pods that are chock full of artisanal, organic and 100% arabica bean coffee.

cru is partnered with some of the world’s best coffee producers – including an ethiopian collective, a peruvian cooperative, and a community estate in india – and all of their partners employ traditional and certified organic farming methods, which means no nasty chemicals or fertilizers, no aggressive farming practices, and only 100% natural ingredients. their coffee is packaged in a recyclable pod that can be tossed out with your regular recycling collection, and they are also actively working towards creating a wholly biodegradable pod that will help reduce waste to landfill. all winning ideas in my book!

coffee station 02

my coffee station essentials: 1. krups 2. marimekko 3. vipp 4. cru kafe 5. phaidon 6. stelton 7. nespresso 8. fazer 9. nespresso

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  1. I love your stack of Phaidon city guides. I own a few myself but mostly use other guide books when I go traveling. However for the artistic touch I prefer the colourful Phaidon guides.

    Kati from black.white.vivid.

  2. Ditto! I love Wallpaper guides, they’re so colourful and look beautiful stacked up :)