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be kind to yourself


these beautiful bodie & fou art prints by the lovely karine köng have been doing the rounds on social media for a while now but i love their sentiment so much – especially the idea of being kind to oneself – that i  had to share them here today. 

recently i’ve been hard at work on a very exciting new project (well, JOB!) so i haven’t had as much time to tend to my little corner of cyberspace of late. this makes me feel super guilty sometimes, so i could most definitely use karine’s print hanging above my desk just now to remind me to cut myself some slack.


i’m also a huge fan of the cities range as well  and would be hard pressed to choose between london, paris or new york for prime hanging position on my wall; all are such fabulous cities in so many ways but my hometown of london will always hold my heart if i’m honest.


which wise words would you choose to inspire you at your workstation? do you have a current mantra that really rings true in your life?

bodie & fou art prints, £35 each, photographed by françois köng and styled by karine köng

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