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i’m off to menorca tomorrow for mr. bazaar‘s wedding (sooo exciting!), and these gorgeous sun-drenched photos of the newly reopened molitor hotel in paris are making me eager to take up post by our villa’s pool and soak up some serious spanish rays!

originally opened in 1929, piscine molitor was one of the most popular swimming baths in it’s heyday and lauded for its beautiful art deco style. after closing in 1989 it fell into disarray and the dilapidated building became the haunt of local artists and a temple of the parisian underground. bought recently by the french hotel chain accor it has now been restored it to its former glory, retaining the original art deco style of the building as well as the pool’s magnificent original stained glass windows, with a desire to build on its former avant-garde ambience and become a focal point for the cultural and artistic community in the city.

can you imagine being the first one down in the morning, diving into the serene still waters of that pool… utter bliss!




molitor, 13 rue nungesser et coli, 75016 paris

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