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mayday, mayday!


i’ve been spending more time in the kitchen recently, concocting delicious dishes to fuel my healthy eating kick, and naturally have started daydreaming about all those wonderful and techy gadgets that would make my culinary creations just that extra little bit better.

i remember daydreaming with my bestie back in our uni days of having a kitchenaid mixer in our flat and i’ve never quite shaken that longing. now that she’s tv baking royalty, her whole kitchen is filled with (much needed) fabulous gadgets and i can’t help but wish mine was too!

when i spotted the kitchenaid sale over on the harrods website earlier today i positively swooned and was very tempted to put one of everything in my basket – not that my credit card would have let me check out… so instead, i thought i’d just share my little wishlist here with you guys instead.

that’s practically the same thing as actually buying them all, right?


lead image: josefin hääg for residence magazine, photographed by kristofer johnsson, via ollie & seb’s house

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