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those who know me well (or just follow me on instagram!) know how much of a sucker for coffee i am all year round, so i was delighted to stumble across the wonder that is sandow’s cold brew coffee whilst at clerkenwell design week earlier this summer. the arrestingly stylish bottle instantly caught my eye at the noble espresso pop-up café in the courtyard at the farmiloe building and i just knew this would be a coffee worth tasting.

the brainchild of luke suddards and hugh duffie, the distinctive cold-brew range has been named for famed victorian strongman eugene sandow, whose attention to detail and dedication to improvement has inspired the ethos that infuses the brand. after a rigorous testing process, sandow’s have perfected their brewing process and each of their cracking concoctions is brewed for 16 hours in cold water to reduce its acidity, an undertaking which also ensures that it packs quite the punch as well. in fact, i’m off to grab another glass of the stuff now…

p.s. if you’re in london the sandow’s team will be demoing at selfridges this week; check their twitter for timings.

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  1. I tried some of this in Kings Cross recently. It’s really good!