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gettin’ toasty

Toast AW14 01

every year, as soon as september rolls around i find myself wishing the summer days away, eager for the chill in the air to turn a little faster. the sun may still be beating down a welcome warmth outside, but i’ve already turned my mind to pumpkin spice lattes (homemade, natch), the cosiness of a cashmere pullover and the heady scent of a hearty stew cooking atop the stove.

of course, it helps when these images of autumnal deliciousness are very handily  pinged into your cybersphere by the lovely folk over at toast. it’s become a tad bit predictable that i’m going to fawn over the new season lookbook from these purveyors of simple modern living (which they know all too well, eh?) but what can i say, toast really is my bread and butter (groan) when it comes to lustful imagery!

this season i’m all over these stunning italian cookware pieces made from fireproof terracotta which has been hand finished in a delightful array of chalky colour glazes – so covetable! the triangle weave lambswool throw is also calling my name, and i can totally imagine myself curled up on the sofa with it watching MIC NYC something super high-brow and intellectual… (oops)

Toast AW14 02

Toast AW14 03

Toast AW14 04

Toast AW14 05

all imagery © toast

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  1. Those pots are lovely!