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demanding simplicity

created by ronan and erwan bouroullec, the new ruutu vase for iittala might be simple in shape but each one is a simplified masterpiece, taking seven craftsmen 24 hours to produce in the glass factory – wow!

meaning diamond or square in finnish, ruuto is a collection of 10 vases in differing sizes and colourways which when displayed as a collection, allow both the strength and delicate nature of glass to come  to life. “it is fascinating to struggle with a living material,” says glass blower tapani viljamaa. “glass is a material that does not forget if you do not treat it well. it has a memory.”

“we were seeking to express the purity of glass-blowing in this simple diamond shape,” explain the bouroullec brothers. “glass is a material that likes round shapes. when hot it flows like honey and does not like to be pulled into a very precise geometric shape. by developing the strict shape we are reaching the limits of the material, and using the highest level of the iittala glass-blowing expertise.”

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  1. Wow, stunning indeed!