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more pipe dreams

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i really must stop browsing gothenberg estate agent stadshem’s website. all it ever does is fill me with grandiose ideas of what i’d like my future flat to be, when in reality such wonderful visions could never be realised whilst i remain living in london. take this stunning little light & airy one-bed. complete with a little corner perfect for setting up a workspace and a subway-tiled corner kitchen that would inspire the chef in me to come out to play more it is an absolute dream, but finding a little space like this to call home in my city is wildly out of my budget unfortunately.

still, there is plenty of interiors inspiration to be taken from it regardless. that lovely work area is reaffirming my love of string shelving, while the shaggy sheepskin rugs and striped monochrome blanket on the bed are helping to ease me into the winter months with their cosiness. i’m also loving the addition of a few choice mid-century modern touches, such as that imposing sideboard in the lounge cluttered with a stylish disarray of curated props, and the duo of walnut lounge chairs that help break up the white colour to prevent it being too wishy-washy.

what do you think, would you like to live in a flat like this?

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