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big nature + small me

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now that the clocks have gone back and the sun has taken to hiding behind great swirling grey cloud it’s refreshing to see an autumn/winter palette that’s designed to lift the spirits and add genuine warmth to home and counteract that pervading chill outside.

this new burnished palette from dulux captures the sun-scorched feel of the arizona desert; vast and intimidating, yet strikingly beautiful. dulux say that their latest trend is all about finding strength and clarity, and putting things into perspective, which i think is a fantastic sentiment when the winter blues are gaining traction with alarming rate.

dulux recommend combining tonal combinations of warm clay-like shades for a dramatic effect, and i really love the sense of raw grandeur these warm hues create within a space whilst remaining earthy and understated, particularly in the pairing of sumatran melody and golden umber.

what do you think – are these dusty desert shades for you?

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