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in-flight essentials transatlantic london to new york 001

• 1. bowers & wilkins • 2. evian x kenzo • 3. sofia cashmere • 4. hush • 5. ipad mini 3 • 6. anker mini • 7. boden • 8. elizabeth arden • 9. toast •

i’m off to the big apple with blogging pals will & arianna tomorrow for a trip that will mainly consist of eating, drinking & shopping, like all good vacations should!

in preparation for the transatlantic flight i’ve been lusting after all things snuggly & cashmere, and loading my ipad with films & music to help pass the time. it’s super, super cheesy but i’ve even got a little new york, new york playlist on the go (lots of alicia keys, jay z and sinatra, naturally!)

have you guys got any top tips for nyc in fall? any great dairy-free gems i should check out, galleries or exhibitions running right now, or just general sights that cannot be missed… let us know!

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