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apartment therapy (of sorts)

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for about two minutes over the winter break i entertained the notion of becoming a homeowner, before being completely and undeniably beaten into submission by the absolute ridiculousness of house prices in areas not even remotely resembling the outskirts of london. so, today’s post is the product of my entirely fanciful and potentially soul-destroying perusal of that holy grail of estate agent websites (stadshem), where all my sweet sweet daydreams of a home to call my own are held… i mean, seriously, how sweet is this little turn of the century stockholm home, in a period style street facade by architect einer ohlsson?

recently renovated, the unique floorplan has many exciting nooks and crannies, with a little alcove housing a daybed and white-washed living room with divine light streaming in through the tall windows. the kitchen – complete with a pastel green smeg (be still my heart) –  oozes warmth and homeliness, with a carrera marble worktop that demands some serious cooking action, and plenty of space to seat hungry diners.

is it really to much to ask to find something this lovely within my budget in london?*

* yes, yes it is. blub. 

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