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oops. we’re only 2 weeks in and already my resolution to get back onto a proper blogging schedule has been thrown out the window – sorry about that!

last week was chock full with design trade shows in london and client events in zurich, but one of the good things to come out of my busy week was my rediscovery of the delightful textiles of laura slater, whose collections i previously featured on the blog back in 2013. somehow i had missed her most recent collagraph collection but it immediately caught my eye as i passed her stand at home london, and i just knew i had to share her designs with you all again.

informed by the interaction of colour and shape, laura’s designs focus on the translation of drawing and surface through hand printed processes, and her new collection draws upon the art of collagraphy; a printmaking process in which different materials are applied to a rigid substrate such as paperboard or wood, and used to print onto a surface. the method allows for different tonal effects and vibrant colours to be achieved, due to the depths of relief of the materials used – anything from sisal string to bubble wrap! – and the differential inking patterns these materials create.

these are simply stunning, right?

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  1. Definitely stunning! The pattern and texture is beautiful, thanks for sharing her work with us :)