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the humble tortoise

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one of my highlights of maison & objet this year was hall 7’s inspirations installations surrounding the word ‘make’. exploring how traditional expertise is restoring value to manufactured goods, the latest luxury can be seen in a return to the essential beauty of craftsmanship and perfecting materials. i was particularly enamoured with the human made curation by elizabeth leriche, featuring a wonderfully immersive insight into the daily-life setting of  copenhagen ceramics studio tortus, headed up by master potter eric landon.

tortus studio celebrate a love of making and a passion for materials, so like the noble creature from which they derive their name, they move at their own humble pace. landon firmly believes that hand-crafting objects of a timeless value is not a look back at the past but a way forward, and his studio are dedicated to the modern adaptation of traditional and time-tested making methods delivering an ever-evolving production of ceramics rich in form, colour and texture. the pastel hued unika collection (the danish term for ‘unique’) explores the depths of possibilities that emerge when hands are allowed to flow freely through material, and celebrates variety through constantly mixing together fresh combinations of shapes, colours and surfaces. the results are simply exquisite, don’t you agree?

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