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the best day of the year.

valentines treat yourself gift guide

they say in life that often the only person you can count on is yourself, which makes this year’s cosmic alignment of valentine’s day actually falling on the weekend the perfect opportunity to ‘treat yo-self, as donna & tom would say (sing).

so tomorrow i’ll be treating myself to a little bit of ‘me-time’; indulging in a long, hot bubble bath, a bar of my favourite chocolate (mast brother’s brooklyn blend, in case any secret admirers were wondering…) and escaping into the french riviera setting of my all-time favourite novel.

happy valentines, my lovelies xx

this week i’m coveting: 1. hush 2. mast brothers 3. yves saint laurent 4. hush 5. selfridges 6. space nk 7. kate spade  8. amazon

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