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do the bunny hop

Easter 2015 Bunny Rabbit Gift Guidewith easter just a week away, i’m looking forward to a nice relaxing four days spent chilling with friends, spa-ing and consuming all the chocolate treats i can possibly manage without turning into a giant egg myself. as my first easter officially eating dairy-free, it has been wonderful to discover one of my favourite  post-dairy-free-diet chocolatiers, hotel chocolat, offering a fairly extensive milk-free easter range, including some absolutely adorable city bunnies. 

i know easter’s not really all about chocolate, bunnies & chicks, but since i don’t have a religious bone in my body, it’s nice to view the holiday simply as a way to celebrate the approach of spring and all the possibilities for new beginnings that this time of year holds.

so, this week i’m coveting: 1. ham 2. oliver bonas 3. lakeland 4. scp 5. louise wilkinson 6. hotel chocolat 7. wolf & badger

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