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how is this for the perfect little escapist haven? the new vipp shelter is a 55m² all-inclusive nature retreat, prefabricated down to the very last detail, creating a spacious, functional, and livable industrial object that lives and breathes the wonderful world of vipp.

within the transparent shell of the shelter, nature is omnipresent. the simple steel grid structurally supports the two level space, with only the bathroom and bed loft shielded from the main living space that has been designed to facilitate an escape to nature. the landscape surrounding the shelter is purposely framed, with the dominant dark interior tones carefully selected to keep the focus on natural world outside, while the sliding window frames blur the distinction of indoor-outdoor space.

the vipp vision is to simplify the process of creating your own getaway. available for purchase as a prefabricated unit, the shelter is built to fit any type of landscape and natural conditions. when purchasing the shelter you buy into the brand’s design ethos, receiving a shelter that comes fully equipped with their way of life: the furniture, lighting, tableware, towels and even bed linen are included, allowing you the ultimate luxury of a swift escape for reality.

where do i sign up?

Vipp Shelter Installation 01

Vipp Shelter Installation 02

Vipp Shelter Installation 03

Vipp Shelter Installation 04

Vipp Shelter Installation 05

Vipp Shelter Installation 06

Vipp Shelter Installation 07

Vipp Shelter Installation 08

Vipp Shelter Installation 09

Vipp Shelter Installation 10

all photography © vipp

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  1. Oh gosh, can I have one now please?!