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given my love of the 100% norway exhibition at ldf each year, it stands to reason that one of my favourite shows from my exploits in milan last week would be norwegian presence at ventura lambrate. a collaboration between klubben (the norwegian designers’ union), norwegian crafts and norwegian icons, the exhibition showcased the best of the country’s handcraft and design, both past and present.

presented in a rough factory setting in the lambrate district, the exhibition was designed by internationally acclaimed stylists krakvik & d’orazio. i really liked the fact that the products from each of the three design bodies were handily displayed against their corresponding paint shade, each especially designed for the showcase by paint manufacturer jotun to reflect colours easily associated with a norwegian landscape.

Vera & Kyte Prop-Up armchair

while it was lovely to see old favourites in the flesh again, it was also great to discover some wonderful new design talents to keep a firm eye on in the coming years. i really loved vera & kyte‘s prop up armchair and footstool, which was inspired by “the ease of reclining in a garden chair with nothing but spare time” – don’t i wish that were the case in my life just now!

Norwegian Presence Bottoms Up Ingrid Aspen 001

i also really loved ingrid aspen’s bottoms up; an all-round drinking glass inspired by italian lifestyle and scandinavian simplicity. the shape of the glass has been derived from eliminating the traditional stem of wine glasses and given a modern update by leveling the main container and stacking it on top of a related form (flip it over and there is even room for a nightcap inside the stem!).

simply delightful, don’t you agree?

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  2. Great blog post, I really enjoyed reading it. Some great photos too.