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another late night pinterest session led to me stumbling across this beautiful private desk by copenhagen-based design studio theresa arns.

designed as a desk with ample storage space for the items we use in our daily lives, this multifunctional unit can be utilised in different living situations and contexts, from a writing or drawing desk to office-style workspace to dressing table.

made of white oiled ash wood and grey powder coated steel, the central working space has a concealed drawer padded with cork for storing a laptop and a clever little lid with integrated mirror, as well as storage containers for multiple beauty products. there is also a detachable metal tray with three compartments, which can be used for jewellery and accessories.

simply beautiful, don’t you agree?

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  1. It looks simple and impressive. I really like it. What kind of wood is it?

  2. What a great looking desk, I wish I had one just like that for my study, would make my work life a lot simpler