the art of un-doing.

the art of un-doing.

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there really is nothing better than taking a time-out from the constant go, go, go of modern life, is there?

last week i took myself away from the daily rigours of the big smoke to enjoy a solo sojourn at the english seaside. and let me tell you, it was bliss.

i booked myself into the cutest little airbnb studio flat for the week – a stone’s throw from the beach! – and enjoyed five days of complete relaxation; long contemplative walks along the coastline, leisurely hours sat on the beach with my nose in a good book, beautiful sunsets enjoyed with fish ‘n’ chip suppers while the waves crashed gently on the shore… and absolutely no email, phone calls or social media distractions!

it really is marvellous how stress-reducing the simple act of sitting and just ‘being’ is. it feels like the ultimate indulgence to give yourself permission to celebrate idleness but being in the moment, focusing on your breathing and learning to let go is an incredibly powerful healing tool in today’s frenetic and frantic world. i can’t say that i’ve mastered the art of meditation just yet, but just slowing down and beginning to cultivate a sense of serenity has worked wonders for me so far. i’ve definitely returned with a renewed sense of purpose and clearer sense of self.

what are your top tips for unwinding and letting go? have you any meditative techniques that really work for you, or books you’d advise reading for inspiration…


  1. Stephanie Bell

    2 July

    What a wonderful idea, you trip away sounds ideal. When I feeling stressed I tend to get on the yoga mat and follow a Yoga with Adriene video. It is like you can actually feel the stress and worries melt away.

  2. This truly sounds like bliss, I definitely need to take a leaf from your book and make some time to actually shut off from everything and take some time for me.

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