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i love the way that chance conversations on twitter can lead you down the internet rabbit hole to making delightful new discoveries of designers, products and spaces.

catching up online yesterday with a blogging pal i haven’t spoken with in a while led me back to her blog, mocking bird, which used to be one of my faves, to spot a rare new post. in it she featured a beautiful collection of gold jewellery, which immediately sent me scampering over to google to find out more about the brand.

odette new york is a brooklyn-based jewellery line by artist jennifer sarkilahti, inspired by organic and industrial shapes, natural specimens, artifacts and primitive forms. with an emphasis on artistry and craft, each piece is made using ancient and modern wax carving techniques and hand fabrication, before being cast into materials as varied as recycled sterling silver, brass, bronze, diamonds, and 14k gold.

i’ve always loved chunky yet elegant jewellery pieces so the collection is absolutely perfect in my book; the etched klaia ring and arrow cuff have gone straight to the top of my lust list right now!

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  1. Arghh, now I want everything on the site too! The Strata cuff is probably my fave…

  2. Is that a hair pin? So chic!