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on the edge

Tangier lust & covet

i’m off to the exotic wilds of tangier today, following in the footsteps of literary greats like paul bowles, jack kerouac, truman capote, edith wharton and allen ginsberg; the ‘interzone’, as william burroughs once described it, attracting spies, outlaws, outcasts and writers, men and women working at the edge of literary forms, breaking through artistic borders.

armed with my copy of tangier by josh shoemake i hope to discover the ‘edge’ city, poised at the northernmost tip of africa, which has been described as ‘more than a destination… an escape.’

i can’t wait to share my adventures on here soon!

this week i’m coveting: 1. asos 2. warehouse 3. b&o play 4. loewe 5. master musicians of jajouka 6. topshop 7. amazon.co.uk 8. caudalie

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