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Louise Gray contemporary quilts 01

i recently came across louise gray contemporary quilts when this eye-catching monochrome ‘x’ quilt popped up on my pinterest feed and i instantly fell head-over-heels for it, as any design-conscious x files fan might!

the combined vision of alexandra gray bennett and jocelin johnson, louise gray contemporary quilts reinterpret the art of quilting using contemporary design as a way to keep the time-honoured tradition alive. a seasoned sales director with a long family heritage in quilting, alexandra aspired to reinvent this traditional format by making it more relevant to a contemporary audience and creating some stunning pieces of graphic wall art.

each quilt is handcrafted in minneapolis by local artisans using 100% cotton materials to enhance the living space for the modern, detail oriented, and socially conscious. i particularly love the idea of displaying the designs on the wall using a quilt hanger – very striking, don’t you think?

Louise Gray contemporary quilts 02

Louise Gray contemporary quilts 03

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  1. Beautiful! What a lovely idea