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i know most of my friends would scoff at the idea of not finishing a bottle of wine once opened, but sometimes when you’re home alone, cooking for just for yourself, it seems a tad indulgent (or bridget jones-eque!) to open a bottle and drink it in its entirety.

so, when i spotted a new kickstarter project by dutch product designers jaap huijgen & odin visser i instantly found myself nodding along at the concept. demivin is a beautiful carafe with smart functionality to easily divide a bottle of wine in half and preserve up to 6 weeks – neat, right? because when i find myself with a night in to treat myself to a home-cooked meal with wine, it’s very rare i’ll also be home the following night to finish the bottle.

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the idea for demivin came after odin started a wine course to deep dive into the wonderful world of wine. excited about the topic, he explored the possibilities of preserving wine to enjoy it at its best quality and was surprised by the lack of effective and beautiful options ou there. he turned to product design partner jaap, who shares his passion about wine, and together they started to imagine how they could design a solution of their own. “18 months and many prototypes later, we are proud to present our demivin carafe,” they say. “we hope to reach all wine lovers around the world so wine is enjoyed in the best way possible.”

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you can pledge your support to the demivin kickstarter campaign here


  1. Katy

    16 December

    Oh, I want one! Such a great idea and I love the styling. Will definitely check out the campaign x

    • kate

      16 December

      Yes, was definitely the styling that drew my eye initially Katy – such an important part of launching a Kickstarter campaign I would think! xx

  2. Cate

    16 December

    What a clever idea, I often fancy a glass of wine but don’t want a bottle. Beautiful styling too! x

  3. Stacey Sheppard

    16 December

    I would be wasted if I drank anywhere near a bottle of wine so this would be great for me.

  4. Rachel

    16 December

    That looks very nicely designed and a good idea. I’d definitely use one, although I’m not sure the wine in it would last for six weeks!

  5. geraldine

    16 December

    That’s such a cool idea. Would have been a great Christmas present for hubby. x

  6. Carole

    17 December

    Nice idea Kate. Can’t ever see a bottle lasting more than one night in our house though lol x

  7. Love this idea, I’m the only one in our house drinking wine and don’t often finish a bottle!! Love the styling too, off to check out the campaign. x

  8. Pippa Jameson

    30 December

    I’m loving this Kate. It’s not often that you find such a practical product that is also aesthetically beautiful…xx

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