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by now you’ve probably spotted mapiful printed map posters all over instagram and pinterest.

the swedish start-up has really captured the zeitgeist for simple geometric designs that celebrate a pervading sense of wanderlust and i’m pretty sure that by now there’s not a single interior design blogger without one of their beautiful custom prints hanging in their home! so, uh, i’ve jumped on the bandwagon too…

the real beauty of mapiful is the customisation aspect; they provide the technology to let you choose from any place in the world and design your own unique map poster, meaning no two prints are the same, unless you want them to be. i’ve seen plenty of bloggers with paris, copenhagen and london prints on their walls but i wanted mine to be different and personal to me.

so i opted for a poster celebrating my love for a city very close to my heart; the home of my beloved football team and favourite boy band. a city i’ve spent a lot of time in recently and grown very attached to… manchester!

you can select any location in the world for your print, pan and zoom, customise the text and choose from 3 different layout options – modern, pantone, strict or clean – to create your own bespoke design. you can even change the size and orientation of your print to suit your requirements. as much as i love the ‘modern’ framed option that you see in the paris print above, i wanted a cleaner layout for my poster and chose the ‘pantone’ design, synonymous with the traditional layout of colour palette grids.  i felt it worked better in reflecting the gritty urbanism of manchester, whereas the framed option felt more in keeping with the romanticism of a city like paris.

once you’ve designed and ordered your poster it is sent to print on 180 g/m2 matte paper, then shipped out in a cardboard tube in a matter of days, anywhere in the world, for a flat-rate fee of $60 i.e. no shipping charges – pretty good, huh?

i think they’d make a wonderful and unique valentine’s or birthday gift, celebrating the city in which you met or a place you spent a wonderful holiday together…

Mapiful 2

which city would you choose for your print?

 my mapiful print was kindly gifted to me by the company but all opinions are my own. all imagery © mapiful, except manchester print, which is my own. 

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  1. OOH loving that Manchester map! Lovely idea- your photos are beautiful too!

    1. Thanks hun! xx

  2. Well…Paris, every time ;-) These look beautiful and would work so well with my colour-phobe interior! Besides, no matter how modern a map is, there’s always something a little ‘old world’ about them which I like :-)

    1. Completely agree Carole, I love that the traditional nature of maps isn’t being lost in the modern era, just updated in interesting ways. xx

  3. Awww I love that you chose Manchester!! #represent ;) I love how these are just so customisable – such a great idea and they are really so simple and beautiful that they would work in just about any style of home. Lovely! xx

    1. But OF COURSE Kimberly ;) I think that’s the key to success isn’t it; the perfect blend of simplicity and customisability.

  4. Ooh, am I only the only blogger who doesn’t have one yet?! I think I’d have Norwich. Nothing to do with the football team haha, just would be perfect for our country cottage x

    1. Hehe! A perfect addition to your new country cottage I’m sure Carole xx

  5. Lovely post Kate. I was contacted by them too in December but was too crazy busy with schedules then. Love your Manchester styling x

    1. Thanks sweetie xx

  6. Turning a map into art that’s great. Nice!

  7. These are very lovely. I’d probably choose Vienna – it’s got such a nice layout (the Ringstrasse circling the old medieval town) and it would remind me of time I spent there researching art history back in the day. Or I might choose the area around Topsham where I used to live, as the Exe Estuary has a very distinctive shape too. It’s interesting isn’t it the emotional value we add to shapes on maps!

    1. Both sound like great ideas Molly, and I agree – the emotional value of maps depicting places we’ve enjoyed memorable times is really fascinating! xx

  8. I love these map prints. I’m not a fan of maps in general but these are so modern and clean that they really appeal to me. I have one in my bedroom of Elk in Poland where my husband is from. He loves it too.

    1. Oh that’s so lovely Stacey xx

  9. I love these, and so beautifully styled. They would make great presents to remember a special place. I think i’d have to be boring though and choose London or Paris! x

    1. Neither London or Paris is boring Cate!! xx

  10. These are stunning, not sure they’d have a Cleethorpes one ;) What beautiful styling!

    1. Hannah – you create your own poster by typing in your favourite place. So yes – you can have Cleethorpes!! xx

  11. I love my mapiful poster too Kate, and I was torn between my home town and NY – where we spent our honeymoon.

    1. Which did you go for in the end Jen?

  12. Kate ,me also love Manchester styling Map. Would like to print it i have to chose from all the maps.

    1. Thanks Kylie!

  13. oh I love these! I want one ;) A xxx

    1. which city would you go for Ari? xx