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hashtag ‘life organised’, isn’t that the dream?

since leaving my old agency job in 2014 and starting to run my own company, i’ve been more on-the-go than ever. no longer confined to the office day-in day-out, i’m now running from meeting to meeting and working between coffee shops, our client’s workspaces, my home office and our shared co-working space, where we hot-desk.

this means continually touting my laptop all over town and although i have one of the lightest macbooks around, i’ve still found my shoulder aching terribly after a day spent schlepping across town and navigating the crowded city streets. i’ve been noticing more and more that this shoulder pain was affecting not only my mood but my sleep patterns, so decided that 2016 was the year to resolve this.

Knomo Backpack 001

on the face of it, the solution was pretty obvious: switching from a overloaded shoulder bag to a backpack; what was less obvious was which backpack to go for. to be honest, i haven’t carried a backpack since i was 12 and the thought of them made me shudder – even though vogue may claim they’re back in style i’d not really spotted any that were both fashionable and practical, until knomo popped up on my radar!

knomo was established in 2004 – at the turn of the laptop revolution – by two friends who wanted to revolutionise the bag industry; to them bags for men were boring and boxy, and bags for women had barely changed since the 1950’s. they knew that the days of working a standard 9-5 were on the way out and that the modern-day workforce needed hard-working accessories that could transition from day to night and function for both weekday and weekend use.

Knomo Backpack 002

after meeting the team at an event late last year, i popped into their london showroom (coincidently right around the corner from my co-working office!) to get better acquainted with their extensive collection, which includes not just backpacks but also travel cases, laptop sleeves, organisers and phone cases.

it was wonderful to see how much thought and attention to detail has gone into every model. each of their backpacks come with a padded technology section, designed for use with a specific sized laptop or tablet and feature multiple pockets and pouches for organising your things as efficiently as possible. the bags even have a unique myknomo id code which you can register to help reunite you with your belongings should they ever go missing – neat, right?

Knomo Beaux Backpack Emma Palin 01

after perusing all the beautiful designs on offer, i set my heart on the sleek and modern beaux backpack (modelled here by my beautiful friend emma on a rather windy day!).

constructed from lightly tumbled full grain leather that is soft and smooth textured, with a chic contrasting camel-coloured grosgrain lining that gives the bag a wonderfully luxurious feel. inside there is a 14″ shockproof laptop section – along with three additional pouches and a zipped pocket – and on the front there is a further zipped pouch with a penholder and two pockets. let me tell you, it’s pretty much impossible to lose anything inside this bag!

Knomo Beaux Backpack Emma Palin 03

i’ve had my new backpack for just over a month now and can certainly attest to it’s revolutionary effect on my life! not only has my shoulder pain nearly completely subsided (and i think what remains is more due to typing away furiously on my laptop in coffee shops), but i’ve also discovered the joys of being hands-free. with all my daily essentials safely stored on my bag i’m finding it far easier to check my email (read: instagram feed) and carry my morning starbs without spills on my morning commute – #winning.

in order to understand exactly why my backpack has made such an immediate impact on my wellbeing i turned to knomo’s resident expert jonathan nunn, an osteopath with 35 years’ experience, who says that studies suggest women are more prone to bag related pain than men.

“the most common problems from a bag that is too heavy is the strain caused on the base of the neck, which increases the cranio-vertebral angle and in turn leads to postural imbalance along with overstrain on the shoulder and neck muscles, along with potentially pinched nerves in the brachial plexus supplying the hand and arm,” he says. “this all starts with short-term effects of muscle overload that, over time, can effect posture and overall body postural compensation.”

he has some great tips to consider when choosing the right bag for your daily needs:

• the ideal way to wear any bag is to distribute the weight evenly through comfortable wide straps that are easily adjustable

• a good backpack should be sleek and stylish but also fit into your curves, adding an element of stability and security, especially in the lower curve of the back

• larger backpacks have more touch-points across your back which help spread the weight. if you’re carrying a laptop, make sure it’s sitting flush against your back as this will centre your gravity and make sure your shoulders are pulled back straight

• try and make sure there is no pendulum type swinging of a heavy bag as this will put a lateral sway into your walking style and can cause tiredness and postural problems

• bags need good internal organisation to distribute the weight evenly. the bulk of the weight needs to be low in the bag, so the spine and accompanying muscles are balanced

Knomo Beaux Backpack Emma Palin 02

since having my backpack what has amazed me most has been all the “ohh, love your bag!” compliments i’ve received, as well as how many of my friends have also revealed struggling with bag-related back pain too!

i’m certainly a backpack convert, how about you?

 my beaux backpack was kindly gifted to me by knomo bags, but all opinions my own. first two images © knomo bags, all other imagery my own.  

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  1. Oh my. THAT is one fit backpack. I love that Kate. I’m actually going to look into this right now as the amount of stuff I have to carry around for consultations and meetings is a bit ridiculous. Thanks for the intro #bagenvy

    1. Pleasure Karen! Let me know if you decide to go for one of their designs! x

  2. A love a good bag review! And as I’m currently looking for the perfect backpack, this is incredibly well timed for me to read. I’ve not come across Knomo before, but will investigate further. Do hope you continue to be back-pain free.

    1. Ahh, how fortuitous :)

      Yes definitely check out Knomo and do let me know if you decide to go for one of their designs – would love to know which you choose & how you find it!

  3. Well I have to say I never though I’d be into a backpack – but that model just sells it to me!

    1. Well, you totally rock the backpack look m’dear ;)

  4. That’s one stylish backpack Kate. And I’ve always loved a bag that has a pocket for everything! x

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever been so organised Carole :)

  5. Oh this is beautiful, I adore the one you chose! So far from the types of backpacks that were available years ago (read = ugly). Thanks so much for the intro! xx

    1. I know right!! A million miles from the horrible backpacks I had at school :)

  6. That is a seriously gorgeous bag, who knew backpacks could look THAT good? Such a great essential for travelling around and working on the move – great find! x

    1. Thanks Antonia – I love how something so stylish can also be functional too :)

  7. I noticed it on your back as you were out the door last week and thought what a fab bag! Great for work but also travel! Might have to treat myself… x

    1. They have such a great range for travel Kate – they’ll definitely have one that would be perfect for your busy lifestyle! Let me know if you decide to go for one.. :)

  8. Big thumbs up from me. Whenever I visit London I always use a backpack- a Cath Kidston one currently. Like you the hands free and back pain free is a winning combo!

    1. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to figure that out Sus! xx

  9. I love that bag. I always liked their bags. Totally #madetolast. Maybe they’d like a boy to model one for them ;)

  10. I bought an iPod Classic case from them in 2006 – still perfect condition.

    I got a yellow holdall from them in 2010 – still (somehow after years of abuse) in brilliant condition).

    And I got a leather laptop briefcase thingy from them circa 2011 (I think), still in excellent condition.

    They are a company that I can personally vouch for, very impressed with them. One of those where you look at the product and think “Hmmm a bit pricey” but really, they are just built to last.

    1. That’s really wonderful to hear Jay – very happy to hear all your Knomo purchases are still going strong!

  11. What a beautiful bag – stylish and practical. I’m not surprised you’ve received lots of compliments. I hadn’t heard of Knomo, but am now off to check them out!

  12. What color is the bag that Emma is modeling?

    1. Hi Debra, it’s the Beaux in black.

  13. Came across this article as I’m considering Knomo purchase because of the very same reasons! Do you still use this backpack? What’s your experience? Did it last? It’s so hard to find a stylish yet functional backpack in leather. Curious about your experience :).

    1. Hi Liv, yes I still use and love my Knomo backpack! It’s lasted really well, the leather has just soften with age and hasn’t really marked too much. Straps are still comfortable and the zips still function well. So yes, would def recommend! Let me know if you decide to get a Knomo bag and which design you choose x