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i’ve written before about my reluctance to bring floral bouquets into my home but then bloomon, a new flower subscription delivery service popped up on my radar.

launched in the uk earlier this month, bloomon are on a mission to celebrate the true beauty of seasonal blooms. hailing from amsterdam, the heartland of the flower-connoisseur, bloomon use their carefully honed expertise to ensure they deliver freshly cut blooms from the field straight to your door. each weekly delivery is different, utilising the freshest, most seasonal flowers on offer at the time, and combining them in creative and colourful straight-to-vase arrangements.


their flowers come directly from their growers, meaning that once your flowers are picked they don’t hang around in the cold morning air on the back of a lorry or crammed into a box, waiting for hours to be auctioned. by cutting out all the steps in between – auctions, wholesalers, stores – bloomon create days of extra freshness, allowing you to enjoy them for longer in your home.

i love the fact that bloomon bouquets are designed to have a free-spirited nature to them, capturing the inherent beauty of flowers in wild bloom – far more appealing to me than an over-the-top bouquet of perfectly crafted flowers in saccharine candy hues. simplicity is key and makes for a refreshing change from all the other florists around; their ‘less is more’ philosophy mean that each individual flower is given the chance to breathe – and shine! – in the arrangement.


bloomon offer 1 fresh design arrangement per week in 3 different sizes (small, medium, large), with subscription options available for weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries direct to your door in a one-hour time slot which they text to you the day before – handy, right?

the flowers arrive wrapped in a protective recycled paper sleeve, adorned with useful handwritten tips to help keep your blooms as fresh as possible for as long as possible. my arrangement was called ‘tropical vibes’, a beautiful exotic selection of tulips, calendula, gwen germini, matthiola, chamelaucium, allium, cymbidium and liatris spicata which i discovered reading their weekly blog posts on their ‘recipes’.

five days later and my blooms are still going strong – which is a minor miracle given my usual ability to make flowers wither on sight. i may just be a convert…!

i was sent a large bloomon bouquet free of charge for the purposes of this review, but all opinions and photography my own. 

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12 Responses

  1. They are really different flower, I love the idea, we should treat ourselves more and a subscription takes the decision whether or not to treat ourselves out of our hands, I like that!

  2. Oh, I could feel like Elton John having flowers delivered every week! ;-) These look really nice, so natural and non-stuffy (for a bouquet, if you know what I mean…) and I love the idea of a subscription service like that! Lovely post. have a great start to the week xo

  3. Oh these are nice, and I love that they are seasonal too. I like the educational side of it too as I dont know much about the names of flowers I just know what I like!

  4. Oh what a lovely idea!! What a luxury that would be to have a fresh bundle of blooms delivered weekly!! And I know exactly what you mean about those stuffy bouquets you get, just not my style at all. These are really lovely :) xxx

  5. These look so lovely and natural, really gorgeous. And a subscription is a lovely idea – would be so exciting wondering what flowers would be delivered each week (or fortnight or month).

  6. I like the idea of a flower subscription, I buy flowers practically weekly anyway but these look far prettier than any supermarket bunch X

  7. A beautiful, free form selection Kate. Love the idea of a flower subscription, particularly for someone who buys regularly…although I’m more of a plant girl these days…x

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