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spring awakening

Indie Collective SS16 01

there’s something about the juxtaposition of tactile natural elements against a cool expanse on white that gets me every time! the subtle interplay of textures creates such pleasing, chilled-out vibe – so evocative of the summer months – and conjures up dreams of simply lazing happily in the sunshine, with not a care in the world. 

particularly after such a grey, dismal winter there is nothing more exciting than the prospect of hitting ‘refresh’ on your interior space and embracing a lighter, brighter canvas, and these beautiful images from auckland-based indie home collective are certainly providing me with plenty of #interiorgoals! 

how do you prepare your home for spring?

Indie Collective SS16 02

Indie Collective SS16 03

Indie Collective SS16 04

Indie Collective SS16 05

Indie Collective SS16 06

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  1. Gorgeous interior and images! It’s not looking very spring-like right now, but I’m actually really looking forward to some sunshine now – it’s been a long, grey winter. I’ve started my “spring cleaning” by chucking out a massive part of my wardrobe – all the things I never wear – and concentrating on having all favourites (ok, a bit of a tall order, but you get what I mean) instead of so much clutter. Feeling lighter and springier already :-)

    1. Thanks Carole. Yeah, i spent the weekend spring cleaning and feel so much better for it now. Nothing like a clean slate to see in the new season in a more positive, lighter frame of mind :)

  2. Im with you on the white backdrop to the items in your home. I love my white home, especially when the light starts to improve. I love your images.

    1. Yes Karen – you are the Queen of White! :)

  3. Oh such beautiful spaces! But I have to say – it’s the bright beams of sunshine streaming in that really get me thinking that Spring needs to start soon ;) And I’ve been pining for a lighter brighter home myself – gone are the dark blue walls in my dining room – I’m embracing a pale pale grey for the walls and I can’t be more excited ;) xx

    1. Your home reboot is looking DIVINE Kimberly! And yes, bright beams of sunshine are what I want in my life – makes everything feel so much more alive, especially as my home is so dark in winter…

  4. Ooh new place to ogle lovely pieces for the home! Some fab pics here Kate. I’m with you, so ready for spring. Really felt that winter… took its toll on me big time. I’m feeling much more positive now I see the daffs are out and the light now stays with us until 6pm. Definitely time for a home decor refresh!

    1. Yes, it’s SO much better now the clocks have gone forward and there’s daylight when you leave the office at the end of the day. BRING ON SUMMER I say :)

  5. Oooh lovely. I’m going to have to check this site out. I usually buy potted bulbs at this time of year. They cheer me up when it’s cold outside. x

    1. Good idea Carole! xx

  6. Ooh these images are beautiful – pin, pin, pinned! I’m using plants and spring bulbs to prepare my home for spring x

    1. Mwah, thanks lovely lady xx

  7. Preparing for spring? Haha, well, moving furniture around will be a nice touch. Easter cleaning time will bring joy and thats all for this spring. Next, painting the kitchen.

    1. Spring cleaning is the very best once you get into it Julia! Nothing like a clean, decluttered space to make you feel light and ready to tackle the new season head on :)

  8. Gorgeous interiors! Aside from spring cleaning, I love bringing in fresh spring flowers.

    1. Fresh flowers definitely helps to brighten the home after winter Rachel, but something I rarely think to do! May have to pop out for a bunch of daffs now tho! xx

  9. ahhhh this is such a pretty space! Check out that light! Gorgeous my love! A x

    1. Mwah, thanks gorge xx

  10. Beautiful summer images! I am going to do the scandinavian design thing too for my whole apartment, all white background with black, grey and neutral pieces. I’m painting my bedroom for Spring right now!

    1. I really wish I could paint my room for spring too Pippi – the pitfalls of being in a rental :(

      Hope your makeover goes well – be sure to share photos with us all! xx

  11. Such beautiful interior images! I’m in love with this stripped back look with lots of natural light, whites, wood and green plants. Like you say it creates a lovely, chilled-out vibe and really is perfectly matched to the spring time. I like to stick to mostly natural materials like wood for all of my furnishings and home decor so I think this look is perfect.

  12. How wonderful Fotos of fine and pure interior design! The furnishings and also the fabrics are realls lovely.
    Really great blog! Kind regards, Laura