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Fantastic Frank Stralgatan 2303

when i spotted this kungsholmen apartment over on fantastic frank the first thing that grabbed me – ok, second after that delightful mint smeg fridge – was the gloriously retro wallpaper in the kitchen. i’m not usually one for pattern on the walls, having grown up in a house papered in its entirety in the most hideous of floral monstrosities, but those cute little foliage illustrations have really won me over – perfect for the least green-fingered urban jungle lover, don’t you think?

as i scrolled on through the apartment shots, my fascination with its papered walls grew and grew. in the bedroom, the tactile silver oriental blooms add such an air of luxury to what could otherwise have been a somewhat poky sleeping quarter (although i do love the little step up into the space!)

it seems a long time since i last saw a wallpapered flat that felt as cool, calm and contemporary as this. what do you think, could wallpaper be on its way back in?

Fantastic Frank Stralgatan 2301

Fantastic Frank Stralgatan 2302

Fantastic Frank Stralgatan 2304

Fantastic Frank Stralgatan 2305

Fantastic Frank Stralgatan 2306

Fantastic Frank Stralgatan 2307

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22 Responses

  1. What a lovely apartment! No, I’m not really one for patterned wallpapers (though I did go through the “feature wall” phase – hey, everybody did!) but the walls in the bedroom do look really good and the pattern isn’t overwhelming. Nicely done I’d say :-)

    1. Ahh, the good ol’ feature wall! I have one in my bedroom now, it came with the flat and it’s, uh, a kind of putty shade… not quite sure what they were thinking, haha! xx

  2. I love these wallpapers too, wouldn’t normally like pattern on the wall but these both seem really calming…

    1. Yeah, there’s a really fine line between pattern being pleasing to the eye and being in your face – when it comes to wallpaper at least. These are pretty darn perfect on the eye xx

  3. I’m always a bit nervous about wallpaper – I just don’t think I would be able to live with it for very long. But I do love the the kitchen paper and that palette of colours. I could also do with that little terrace with that view ;) Blog is looking great, btw xx

    1. Thanks lovely! I feel the same, I think I’d want to change it too often – a nice painted neutral seems to last so much longer..

  4. I think it’s definitely back! But for me, I change my mind too much so using it on a full wall is a big commitment. Instead, using it on shelving or in small sections is always a winner!

  5. This is so lovely! A carefully picked wallpaper makes such a cute accent wall especially if it matches some other elements and accessories in the room. I am a big fan of muted tones and I have always wanted a fridge like that!

  6. Retro style is now in trend But I never thought in this way….retro wallpaper is a great option if you want something trendy and classy.

  7. Looking at the pattern and color combination .. they are just perfect matching a with major of white color in the bathroom tiles. Great!

  8. Wallpapering is considered as an old-fashioned method to restore your walls, but personally, I agree that they look nice and transform the place (in a good way).

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