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i’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes a house a home.

you see, i’m in the process of planning out my next big move and trying to reconcile the fact that while at heart i’m a city-dweller (specifically a londoner, where i’ve lived my whole life), in budget, alas, london just refuses to love me back.

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it’s been a realisation a long time coming; the fact that if i’m ever to get on the property ladder i’m going to have to leave my beloved hometown behind and either retreat to the suburbs (shudder) or find myself a whole new city in which to revel. both options however suddenly open up a number of options when it comes to property styles, bringing me back to that age old question: what makes a house a home?

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while i’m definitely a bright lights, big city girl, i’m also a little bit of a homebody – i love to spend time indoors enjoying the space in which i live, whether that’s spending time in the kitchen preparing a meal from scratch, hard at work blogging from my home office, or under a blanket on the sofa binge-watching my latest tv obsession (bates motel, if you’re interested..)

so when i come to consider what my ‘dream home’ might look like in an area away from london i keep coming back to the interior layout – a space filled with an abundance of light, preferably a few floors up with a nice view, a functional kitchen adjoining the living space, a little corner for my desk, and cosy bedroom with en suite. a girl can dream, right?

as much as i lust after a clean minimal aesthetic, in reality my home is full of ‘chic clutter’ (as a friend once described it): styled vignettes of travel momentos, little design pieces i love and propped up artwork, as i’m sadly unable to hang frames in my rental. it’s currently a five-year work in progress and while it could definitely do with a little refining now, it definitely feels like home, despite not actually being ‘mine’.

Urbanara 05

i’ve been chatting a lot lately with fellow bloggers – hello carole, karen – about the transformation of a blank canvas into a space that truly feels lived in and how that takes time; it’s incredibly difficult to just rock up at a new place and transform it into your perfect home overnight. for me, a home should be full of life and personality, telling the story of the people who live in it. it’s why i’ve always loved poking around the homes of friends, as being in their environment allows you to get to know them in a far more intimate and revealing way than you would just sitting down having coffee together in a café.

so, when homeware brand urbanara got in touch recently to ask me to participate in their home is better with u campaign i knew it would be a perfect fit. they asked me to share a corner of my home that i love and this sunny little spot in my living room instantly came to mind. we’re lucky that our living space overlooks a bank of tennis courts, so its nice to spend the afternoon relaxing to the gentle sounds of a ball being hit back and forth, with my nose in a good book and a cup of strong coffee at my side.

Urbanara 06

Urbanara 07

to help make my little reading nook even more inviting, i’ve recently added a wonderfully soft and cosy arborg sheepskin rug from urbanara over my robin day 675 chair. made from 100% icelandic sheepskin, the rug really is the most luxurious addition to what was otherwise a fairly formal chair – albeit a beautiful design classic – and has really helped it find its place in my home. i’ve also added a crisp white, industrial-inspired haven floor lamp to the room, meaning i can now while away even more time in this little corner, without having to turn the main lights on prematurely. it has fast become my new favourite spot in the house!

so guys, how have you made your house a home? i’d love to hear all about your favourite cosy corners! you can even win a £100 voucher to spend on something lovely for yourself at urbanara by visiting my facebook page and answering the question ‘what makes your house a home?’

competition only open to uk residents and closes on 8 may 2016.

[icon name=”handshake-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] this post is in collaboration with urbanara, however all thoughts and photography are my own. 

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24 responses

  1. lovely photos of your room, and I really love your mug. you’ll find me under a throw watching bates motel too (well, at least you would, I’m finished my binge now, but missing it!) I like everything you have chosen from urbanara , especially the sheepskin, makes your favourite spot oh so cosy, lovely.

    1. Thanks lovely! I’ve binged the whole show in a really short space of time too – hate waiting week-to-week for new eps (grr!) xx

  2. Oh I love your little cosy corner and I do love a good furry throw on a chair! (Also Sylvia Plath – oh my god brings back memories reading that!) I’m sure that our fair city will welcome you with open arms. I think home is really all about the people that live there and the little imperfections that come with time. A worn rug from lots of foot traffic, a sticky door handle you have to jiggle just right to open it, making a nice dinner together even if it’s just a Tuesday night, inviting friends round for a good chin wag and yeah, a few cat hairs on the bed (!) – it’s all the stuff we don’t think much about but in my eyes, it means the home is lived in and loved and that’s never a bad thing. xxx

    1. SO well put Kimberly – its all those little details that really make a place feel lived and loved in, that give it personality. xx

  3. Re. the whole wanting to live in London but being budgeted out, I feel your pain! I’m at such a similar place but it’s so difficult to know where to relocate! My cosy place is on the soft, under a blanket – ideally in PJs with a tub of ice cream ;)

    1. It’s a really daunting prospect for sure Louise, but now I’m getting my head around it i’s really exciting too…

      Am so with you on the PJs and tub of ice cream – especially now I’ve discovered how AMAZING almond milk ice cream is! xx

  4. Beautiful photos, Kate. You’d positively hate where I live. It’s a one shop, one pub kind of village with absolutely nothing city-ish about it. It’s about ten stops removed from even the suburbs :) But home to me is somewhere where I can hear tractors rather than cars and birds as opposed to people x

    1. Ha! I have to agree, I probably would Rachel, but that’s the beauty of ‘home’ – it means something different to everyone. xx

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