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i’ve been on the hunt for a stylish speaker for my bedroom for what feels like an absolute age, so when libratone got in touch to introduce me to their sleek portable speakers recently, i instantly jumped at the chance to test one out.

i’ve always been drawn to sound systems that prioritise sleek aesthetics over traditional big black box speakers which stand out like an eyesore atop a cabinet or shelving unit. when i was in my teens i begged my parents for months for a chic maple-wood clad system that could take pride and place in my room, so naturally it was libratone’s minimalist scandi aesthetic that really appealed to me when i first viewed the zipp range online.

clad in an array of cool-weave mesh or soft italian wool covers it was difficult to choose a favourite model, but in the end i decided to opt for the salty grey wool copenhagen edition to tone nicely with the clean white aesthetic i strive for in my home office.

Libratone Zipp Copenhagen Salty Grey 02

libratone work with bigagli, the leading italian producer of felts and fabrics, to produce a felt with unique sound filtering properties specifically for our wireless speakers, using wool originating from the prato textile district of tuscany. the material works as a perfect acoustic filter, ensuring clean, undamaged tones and a wonderfully balanced sound.

the sleek cylindrical drum of the zipp speaker further enhances the sound quality for pure, powerful and balanced tones through the patented 360° fullroom™ technology, which disperses sound waves in every direction. as someone who has tended to just stream spotify playlists via my laptop speakers (or plug in my headphones when i really want to get into the zone) it has been an absolute revelation to have good quality sound fill my room as i work. and by ‘work’ i mean pack, which given the fact we’re being unceremoniously turfed out of our beautiful flat as the landlord has decided to sell (boo!), means i’m in definite need of a good kick-ass playlist pumping loud and proud.

Libratone Zipp Copenhagen Salty Grey 03

the libratone app makes streaming music wirelessly through the speaker a complete doddle – simply connect your speaker using the app, select the device on your phone and press play! if you can stream it, libratone can play it apparently, with the device compatible with spotify, youtube, deezer, tidal, netflix, napster and more. you can also stream any radio station with an internet source; the app enables you to easily specify five favourites to store and play at the touch of a button.

what i love most is the versatility of the speaker, which can be unplugged and moved anywhere – indoors or out – and continue streaming audio on battery for 8-10 hours. if you were so inclined you can also add additional models – the zipp mini for example – in other rooms of your home, and pair them all via the app, creating multi-room audio known as ‘soundspaces’.

so guys, what new tunes should i be adding to my playlist to enjoy over the next few months?

i was gifted a libratone zipp copenhagen speaker for this review post, however all opinions and photography are, as always, my own.

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  1. Ooh your site has a new outfit! :) Looks great!
    Well I never would have thought you could use fabrics/felts for a speaker case. But yes, very Scandi indeed. Fits right in on your desk. Sorry to hear about the moving situation, i’d defo recommend classic disco or anything by LCD Soundsystem to ease the pain of packing xx

  2. I’ve been having the x-mini II stereos for quite some time now and I’ve been loving them but it is time to move on to something new. Similar stylish speakers catch my eye more and more often and I love how designers nowadays turn them into an amazing accessories for your home interior as well. Time for some decisions : D

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