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Nomad Watches Sam Wilkinson 02

there was a time there when i didn’t even own a watch, having not been able to find any designs i liked on the market, now everywhere i turn there seems to be another new beauty of a timepiece to lust over!

my latest discovery is nomad, a contemporary scottish watch brand that is the brainchild of design enthusiasts kelsey and alan moore. hailing from canada and northern ireland respectively, they now reside in glasgow, and say the name reflects their “desire for ever-changing surroundings and exploration through design.”

now available to preorder on kickstarter, the line collection has been created in collaboration with renowned industrial designer samuel wilkinson, best known for the plumen 001 light bulb, who also designed the brand’s debut collection, mòltair.

deceptively simple in appearance but meticulous in it’s detailing, the range features two distinctly styled watches, the inline and the outline.

Nomad Watches Sam Wilkinson 03

each face features typical numerical, minute and hour markings but re-arranged in new compositions for a contemporary minimal aesthetic. the inline moves all of the markings towards the centre of the dial to leave a clean outer band, while the outline pushes them away from the edge of the dial, setting them within an array of elongated minute increments. the face is then housed in a textured steel case designed to mimic cast iron, injecting a subtle element of gaelic coarseness, and mounted on a vegetable-tanned strap crafted from organic swedish leather.

i’m torn between both designs but think at a push the inline is my favourite – especially that white face on sleek black band combo.

Nomad Watches Sam Wilkinson 01

like what you see? you can back the kickstarter project now and take advantage of the early bird offer to claim yours for just £95, saving £90 off the future retail price of £185.

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  1. These are really unique looking, almost like a compass! I dont wear a watch- I’ve never got on with them!

  2. These are so sleek. Like you Im very picky about watches, so I don’t wear one. Id like to if I can find one I like enough though. And these are definitely tempting.

  3. I love it! Clean and simple!

  4. Super nice! Might just have to get one of these. Minimalism perfection + stylish materials = winning combo.

    1. Definitely a winning combo Jesse! x

  5. I love the black one with the white face. So minimal, yet so cool

  6. I tried wearing a watch but never put it on! I kept forgetting each day, I love these designs though. Prefer the white face

    1. It can be difficult to get into the routine can’t it, especially if you’ve spent so long not wearing one and it feels a little clunky on the wrist! But worth it when you get in the habit – I’d be lost without mine now :)