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making design matter

MENU CPH Container Village 01

as someone currently trying to navigate the minefield that is getting on to the property ladder in the uk, i’m always excited to spot innovative approaches to providing affordable living quarters.

menu’s new collaboration with copenhagen based cph container is one such initiative, aiming to provide thousands of students with a sleek, stylish new way of living. the project, menu, aims to build a global network of mobile and sustainable villages created from upcycled shipping containers. menu are supporting the project by providing interior furnishings for the concept, bringing their obsession with clever solutions for modern living and clean, minimal aesthetic to a new generation.

“the project caught our attention due to its shared values of ‘making design matter,’ says bjarne hansen. “at menu we seek to support local projects and craftsmanship in order to help build local communities. our aim with cph village is to grow the relationship into a long-term collaboration to demonstrate that good design can be accessible and affordable to all.”

the first village is due to launch in spring 2017 and if these stunning images are anything to go by i think they’ll be snapped up sharpish!

hmm, i wonder how i go about enrolling to become a student again..?

MENU CPH Container Village 02

MENU CPH Container Village 03

MENU CPH Container Village 04

MENU CPH Container Village 07

MENU CPH Container Village 05

MENU CPH Container Village 06

MENU CPH Container Village 08

MENU CPH Container Village 09

MENU CPH Container Village 10

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  1. Nice project! Love the idea! I like the painted floors at this container project!

  2. Really beautiful Pictures and a so lovely Blog! Keep going :)

  3. Who would have thought that this is a small space inside? The details made it look like it is very spacious from the inside, and it looked very cozy. Congratulations for this work. Indeed, design matters.