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if you’ve spent time reading this blog, or browsing my instagram feed, then you’ll know i’m a girl who likes my coffee. in fact, i could probably give lorelai gilmore a run for her money – a reference i can now make having become a little bit of a gilmore girls fan in recent weeks, albeit about a zillion years too late!

so when my trusty old coffee machine packed up on me a few weeks ago on a rainy saturday morning you can imagine the kind of panic i was sent into. i’m someone who can just tumble out of the house without a caffeine hit, so while i would love to spend time patiently brewing a pot of artisan brew each morning, i definitely need to have a capsule machine on hand to deliver me that first fix as quickly as possible.

enter the new lavazza a modo mio jolie machine: the smallest and quietest of the a modo mio coffee range, which now has pride of place on the new ‘coffee station’ in my home office. lavazza’s smallest footprint model to date (just 124 x 330mm), the compact machine has a sleek, stylish form and fits perfectly atop my new normann copenhagen trolley from houseology. i’ve opted for the chic white version, but its also available in red, light blue or lime green if you prefer your morning caffeine with a colour pop.

“today in italy, young people prefer these new types of coffee makers over the classic coffee machine” explains lavazza’s pietro mazzà, “likewise, there is a growing need to buy a tool which is also an aesthetically beautiful object. this change in everyday habits has been a strong incitement for us to develop a new product within our a modo mio home espresso system, a product that is more suitable to new contemporary lifestyles.”

this is certainly my sentiment when it comes to having a coffee machine blend seamlessly into my home. i also hugely appreciate the fact it only emits 44 dba during the brewing cycle, making it an extremely quiet device. it’s certainly far less obtrusive than my old machine was!

besides the beauty and functionality of the new coffee maker, the coffee itself is a treat. the lavazza a modo mio capsules collection offers 10 distinctive blends, each designed to deliver a precise, balanced and harmonic taste. my favourites so far have to be the full-bodied intenso espresso capsules, with a lingering aftertaste and wealth of spicy aromas, and the well-rounded bouquet of the delizioso, with its sweet aftertaste and distinctive fragrant notes.

are you a lavazza coffee drinker? i’ve yet to work my way through the whole capsule collection so do let me know your favourite blend and i’ll give it a try!


[icon name=”handshake-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] this post is in collaboration with lavazza, but all thoughts, photography and love of coffee are, as always, my own. 

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