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coffee, please.


i’m not quite sure which rock i was living under the first time the gilmore girls burst onto our screens but somehow i managed to miss out on the joys of stars hollow the first time around. in the years since the show disappeared from screen i’ve had so many people recline in shock when they hear i’ve never seen it and tell me i must rectify the situation immediately, especially given how much the show revolves around one of my favourite topics: coffee.

so since the show is about to hit netflix for a special 4-episode event next week – and seeing as all seven series are currently streaming on the site, making binge-watching a total breeze – i thought i’d see what all the fuss is about.

uhh, hellloooooo. quick-witted, sarcastic, humorous without being slapstick (for the most part) – this show was exactly what my 2016 was calling for; a light-hearted relief from all the current woes of the world. i love how fast-paced the dialogue is (kinda like west wing, but i can actually understand what is being sad) and how strong and smart the female leads are without being alienating or caricatured.

on the downside, watching the show promises to be exceptionally bad for my health: i didn’t think it was possible for me to consume more coffee than i did but lorelai certainly gives me a run for my money and has me reaching for the coffee pot every time i pop on an episode. i’ve also started hankering after pop tarts again – something i don’t think i’ve consumed since i was at uni – and have happily discovered there are several dairy-free varieties to indulge in!

so while i won’t be quite up to speed by the time the revival episodes roll around, i’m certainly buying in to all of the excitement around the reboot. i’d spotted a friend post a snap of their luke’s diner coffee mug over on instagram and immediately headed over to etsy to see just how much gilmore girls inspired merch there was around. from coffee mugs and artwork to team dean logan jess t-shirts, there is something for every fan to jump on the bandwagon for in anticipation of next week’s reboot.

where you lead, i will follow. 

this week i’m coveting (clockwise from top left): luke’s diner mug, coffee, please print, i drink coffee like a gilmore girl mug, where you lead print, coffee, coffee, coffee mug, foods of gilmore girls print.

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8 Responses

  1. I too missed Gilmour Girls the first time around and two of my best friends are MASSIVE fans so I feel I really need to catch up myself! Good thing the weather is so foul – it’s a great excuse to curl up on the sofa for a marathon, I think ;) xxx

    1. Perfect excuse Kimberly! It’s definitely worth an afternoon or two curled up on the sofa – just make sure you get all the snacks in :)

  2. I’m another one who’s never seen it before, but keep hearing people recommending it. I didn’t realise coffee was a central point in the series, but love the items you’ve picked out. I may have to give it a go, sooner rather than later. Dairy free pop tarts, who knew?!

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