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the lost art of the nose

earlier this year i attended a wonderful perfume-making workshop led by fragrance expert emmanuelle mogelin of experimental perfume club, so i was delighted to hear that she has now taken up residence in dalston junction and opened the doors of london’s first open-access perfumers lab.

the new laboratory space will host regular perfumery workshops as well as bespoke one-to-one consultations and olfactory events, offering a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with an art form traditionally difficult to access.


the space has been conceived as the perfect environment in which to deconstruct the world of perfume, discover its science and create your own bespoke signature scent under emmanuelle’s encouraging guidance. “we’re here to revive the lost art of the nose and invite everyone into the wonderful world of fragrance” says emmanuelle. “scent is a very personal item of someone’s wardrobe, but it can often be difficult to find something truly unique. people are increasingly eager to find something that is completely tailored to their personal taste, so they get very excited when they create their own fragrance and understand the science behind it.”


each workshop allows participants to get hands-on with industry-standard perfumery ingredients and leave with an enriched fragrance vocabulary, an understanding of how scents work together, and a better vision of their own personal scent palate. i had the most wonderful time when i attended the apprentice workshops earlier in the year and still get a buzz when spritzing on my very own scent creation, which i named ‘x’.


i thought emmanuelle would make the perfect next subject for my  little ‘coffee & coversations’ interview column, getting to know the daily routines, wellbeing rituals and travel inspirations of the people behind some of my favourite brands.

over to you, em…

emmanuelle moeglin, founder, experimental perfume club

describe your weekday morning routine.

i snooze! and finally wake up after way too long snoozing… i check my emails and post my daily picture on instagram. this is my favourite (and only) social media as i love photography and enjoy keeping a journal of what i do and see at experimental perfume club. and i have breakfast everyday, something sweet, always (the french way)!

how does your weekend morning routine differ?

i don’t have to snooze! ha. which bizarrely makes me wake up earlier than during the week. i don’t check my emails and breakfast is much longer, and sometimes, i take it the english way, with savoury food. i put some music on from my favourite french radio (nova radio) and read a paper or a magazine.


describe your favourite corner of your home.

the fireplace, especially at that time of the year! i live in kent now, in a beautiful cottage and commute every day to london. the fireplace is my best friend when i get home and it’s so cold, it warms up the house quicker than any central heating would do. i also love the smell, the sound and the light that the fire makes.

whats your favourite home fragrance?

i love diptyque candles, they are probably my favourite in terms of scent! however, if i want to go for an object of art, i’d choose a candle from fornasetti. i absolutely love their quirky design, and some of their scent are pretty good too!

go-to comfort food dish?

pasta! i eat pasta at least once a week, more during the cold season. i just love that it’s so easy to make and so yummy, you never get bored of pasta because you can easily change the sauce and feel you are eating something completely different each time.

how do you like to unwind on a sunday evening?

i like to cook a nice dinner, watch a documentary and light a fire. at the moment, my favourite sunday evening program is planet earth ii, which is absolutely stunning. it amazes me how close they can get to the animals so the audience feels completely immersed.


where do you go for a weekend escape?

i often go to france, to visit my family, my siblings and parents are scattered all over the hexagon, in lyon, bordeaux and the champagne region where i’m from originally.

finally, whats your dream destination for a month-long vacation?

i would go to laos, thailand, myanmar. i’ve been to thailand a few times but for work mostly and never quite got to enjoy it on a personal level. i guess living in england makes me crave all-year round sunny weather!

experimental perfume club lab, 29 bentley road, london n1. 

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  1. Oooh I love the idea of creating a bespoke scent. I must have missed the first post…..nipping over to it now xx

  2. How wonderful! I would so love to create my own bespoke scent too. I agree with the planet II documentary comment , it’s stunning and amazing rhat so many wonders in this world can be captured on screen. x

  3. I remember reading about the workshop you did a little while ago. Love how you named your scent “x”.

  4. Lovely interview. I don’t blame her for wanting to nip off for a month. Lovely the idea of my own scent. Not sure I’d have such a cool name as X though – is that a Kiss x?

  5. I love this idea, I’m so difficult when it comes to scent. I must try this!

  6. I loved your previous perfume post, so good to read more about her. I approve of her weekday morning routine!

  7. Great interview. I’d love to attend a perfume making workshop!