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a minimalist farmhouse

who says a farmhouse should be quaint and rustic?

situated on the border of a working farm in suffolk, the minimalist scandinavian feel of reydon grove farm is the work of one of my favourite danish design studios, norm architects.

norm are a multidisciplinary studio with a unique and simple aesthetics, and an ambition to create objects and spaces that are striking, functional and aesthetically durable, through the mediums of architecture, product design and photography.

the name norm indicates the importance of drawing inspiration from traditions that, having been refined for many centuries within the field of architecture and aesthetics, should be considered norms. our focus is on making quality, durability and timelessness a virtue.

reydon grove farm certainly adheres to notion of a striking, functional and durable aesthetic.

the long narrow building has been designed as a long, narrow, flat-roofed pavilion to give it a magnitude and scale that harmoniously corresponds in size to the site’s existing barn and old dairies, and constructed with vertical wood beam cladding in local larch to mimic that on the surrounding farm structures. the building’s orientation  beautifully frames the views of the meadows towards the east and lets in the morning sun, as well as views of the garden and cornfields to the west, where the afternoon and evening light is caught.



inside the house is divided in two main sections by the central hall. at one end of the building the bedrooms and bathrooms are screened off the central hall for privacy, while an open-plan living area at the other is cleverly zoned into defined sitting, dining and cooking spaces without interrupting the flow of the building.

the colour palette is simple and refined; bright white walls and pale wooden floors bounce light to further illuminate the space, while tactile furnishings such as velvet upholstery and raw wood grains add warmth and interest.

what do you make of this contemporary approach to farmhouse living?


all imagery via norm architects

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  1. Wow! That’s such an amazing space. And it’s not far from our Suffolk workshop. Love the Scandi minimalism and those huge windows to get all the available light on a winter’s day.

  2. wow! that’s such an amazing space.The floor looks great, love the scandi minimalism.Thanks for sharing such informative article.

  3. wow! that’s such an amazing space.i love how clean this design looks.it´s such a beautiful home.thanks for sharing such brilliant article.

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