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i’ve been living out of a suitcase a lot recently, first in london, then manchester, and now i’m headed off to valencia for a few days to soak up some rays of long-forgotten sunshine whilst exploring the beautiful hometown of tile brand porcelanosa.

given my nomadic lifestyle of late i thought it would be nice to share a few of my go-to travel essentials: the first things i always pack in my carry-on when leaving home..

#1 cabin trolley

i’ve been after a new short-haul suitcase for a while, so it was great to take horizn studio‘s smart cabin trolley for a spin during my recent stay at citizenm shoreditch. described as “the world’s smartest design luggage,” i was certainly wowed by its sleek lines and tactile leather detailing. there’s a ton of cleverly compartmentalised space inside, including a removable laundry bag, and the whole package is super lightweight too. i also loved the battery compartment that can be easily accessed on the go to charge your phone during those ever-more-frequent airport delays. it’s definitely time for me to upgrade i think!

#2 leather clutch

i’ve become so attached to my knomo beaux backpack that when i sought to upgrade my macbook air case recently i immediately headed to the knomo site to see what they had to offer. the mason leather knomad clutch met my requirements perfectly, and then some! just as with my backpack, the clutch is internally structured to give every item a precise, secure place, with a clever anti rfid scanning pocket for cards and passports, and secure storage for bankcards and pens too. my 11” macbook slots snugly in, and the sleek black exterior makes the case a perfect day-to-evening bag as well – so there is no need to pack an additional purse when travelling!

#3 travel adaptor

knomo also have an absolutely amazing set of charging accessories that will revolutionise your life when travelling. the world travel adaptor is compatible with any usb charging cable and has a clever fold out ac-pin mechanism which packs down into a tiny unit, with its own sleek faux-leather case. they also have slimline battery packs for phones and tablets, which also have their own stylish cases, plus 15cm apple device connector cables which prevent you getting tangled up in unnecessarily long cables whilst travelling. i keep these handy tech travel essentials in my carry-on at all times, so i never forget to pack them!

#4 cashmere socks

there is nothing more comforting when travelling than having a nice cosy pair of cashmere socks to change into on a long-haul flight, or when you first check in to your hotel.

my current favourites are by soak & sleep, which use the 100% mongolian cashmere to ensure the ultimate in insulation and comfort. they roll up nice and tight to fit snugly in my case and are a very welcome antidote to those uninspiring white terrycloth slippers you’ll find in your room…

#5 silk eye mask

an eye mask really is a must when travelling, and given that it folds down to practically nothing there is no reason not to have one slipped inside your cabin trolley at all times.

mine is a sleek black silk mask from gingerlily, filled with 100% silk floss that is both luxurious and comfortable on your delicate eye area, which comes in a handy little silk case to keep it protected in your luggage. perfect for shutting out the world when trying to get some shut-eye on the plane, or counteracting any flimsy curtains leaking light in your hotel room…

#6 eye cream

ren beauty shot eye lift is an absolute godsend when you’ve been travelling for hours or have had a super early wake-up call.

the light gel-serum lifts and brightens the delicate eye area, helping to visibly diminishes dark circles and puffiness while a liquid matrix of hyaluronans lifts and tightens your skin. i always feel instantly refreshed when i apply the cool gel under my eyes and re-emerge into the land of the living, so much so that I have multiple bottles of the stuff packed into different toiletry bags to ensure I never leave home without it!

#7 cashmere shawl

a cashmere shawl is a bit of a no-brainer when travelling i think; the one accessory every seasoned traveller packs, knowing how practical and versatile it can be: functioning as a blanket on a cold plane or rolled up as a pillow to cushion your head, covering your head and shoulders in a place of worship – or during an unexpected rain shower! my new travel companion is a lightweight shawl from nihao planet that feels as if it were spun from air. in a gentle grey marl with a breezy frayed edge, it is perfect for pairing both with summer sundresses or my trusty black leather jacket.

#8 dairy-free snacks

as someone who doesn’t eat dairy, it can be a real pain to find snacks whilst travelling, so i always make sure i pack a few to see me through any unforeseen delays.

a recent discovery has been abakus dried jujube crisps, which are crunchy, light and sweet – rather like baked apple crisps. i’d not heard of jujube fruit before but its a red date which has been enjoyed as ‘longevity berry’ in asia for thousands of years, and is widely used in traditional chinese medicine to promote vitality and wellbeing. a great source of antioxidents, these new vegan snack packs are also gluten-free and contain no additives. #supersnack 

my travel essentials 

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  1. I always travel with my Cashmere socks and throw too, they’re perfect for long haul flights. Looking forward to seeing you in Valencia. Wish it was a longer trip. x

  2. That trolley is rather amazing! Goodness, maybe it’s time I updated my own of around 20 years… hmm. ;) I love all your selections. I am the WORST at packing (either it’s woefully inadequate or I’ve packed enough to stay for 3 years and no inbetween) so I’m loving your suggestions. Definitely off to check out knomo too xxx

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