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the beauty of doing things at the right pace

the new ikea stockholm 2017 collection has utterly nailed the aesthetic i’m hoping to create in my new home: soft, relaxed and lived-in, providing a sanctuary of relaxation and wellbeing.

launching in april, the new collection celebrates “the beauty of doing things at the right pace,” with each piece championing the sentiment that quality cannot be rushed. utilising natural, tactile materials that take time to grow, and skilled craftsmanship that takes time to perfect, the new stockholm 2017 range builds upon the foundations of the first stockholm collection launched back in 1984. since then, every addition to the stockholm line has upheld the common characteristics of democratic design: scandinavian modernity of the highest quality in form, function and materials at an affordable price.

the collection is made with the same values in mind – exciting quality for everyday use, long-lasting products made with graceful materials, pieces with well-thought-out, everyday functions and warm, human qualities with a caring, homey feel. ~ viveca olsson, creative lead

inspired by swedish light and nature, the carefully curated collection of 47 pieces is made from natural and tactile materials such as rattan, hand-blown glass and ash. nike karlsson has designed my favourite pieces – the cabinet, coffee table and armchair – which have all been earmarked for a place in my new living room.

rattan really seems to be having a moment in contemporary interiors just now, and i love the casual luxe feel of these new pieces, which bring the romanticism of exotic climes into the home in a comfortable yet refined way. it’s a durable, sustainable material that has gotten the ikea design team really excited, travelling to the factory in indonesia to collaborate with the local craftspeople to ensure the best possible quality across the collection.

developing rattan products is a very different process compared to the usual ikea manufacturing, which is all about straight edges and fast ows in some sort of super-efficient factory. rattan is much more about working with a craft and with people. ~ nike karlsson, designer

another key piece in the new collection is the new stockholm sofa; big and generous, deep and lined with lots of cushions. actually, it’s less a sofa and more of a nest for the whole family, all at the same time, says designer ola wihlborg, who even tested one in his own home for months to determine the best possible comfort and functionality.

i’m never usually a fan of red in the home but the soft, almost sun-baked, tomato hue here is really winning me round, especially when paired with the cool brushstrokes of hanna dalrot’s watercolour hued textiles. i’m also loving the contrast with the new selection of hand-made glass carafes, bowls and serving plates in a piercing, almost jewel-like shade of blue.

the colour of the glass changes with the light and with what you put inside it. it really has a feeling of hands-on craft that sort of stays with the piece. ~ gunnel sahlin, designer

what do you think of the new ikea stockholm 2017 collection – have any key pieces caught your eye?

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  1. Looks like a great collection! Rattan always reminds me a of Jorgen Henrik Moller’s work. Thanks for the sneak peak!

  2. Oh I love that first rattan cabinet at the top! Might be perfect for my office – I’ve been searching for something a bit different and I love the texture. Do you know when the products will be available to buy? I did a quick search on the website but have come up dry :( xx

  3. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping at Ikea but I find the shelves and storage units break easily if you have to build it yourself. Maybe it’s just me… I’ve not long moved into my new house and looking for new bits and bobs to make my home feel mine.

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