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Istanbul, by way of sweden

as i prep for my big move across the country, i’ve been thinking a lot about the textile designs that will adorn my sofa in my new home. it seems a good time for a change and since i can’t afford to – nor would want to – switch out my habitat sofa, i’ve been looking around for inspiration on how to create a new look on a sofa i’ve had for a few years now.

my istanbul cushion from nina kullberg is the one i currently have which i keep coming back to, so i thought i’d see what other designs nina had in her online store to compliment and contrast with my navy blue couch. i really love the soft, slouchy, tactile linen of this cushion, and find its a great one for reclining back on without fear of squishing it too much and causing damage. and of course, it looks pretty spectacular too – and always gets comments when i feature it on my instagrid!

designs to invest in for my new home:

i’d very nearly chosen the istanbul in yolk yellow last time around but was a little scared to be quite so bold, but i think it’s time to bit the bullet.. it’ll pair so delightfully with the navy sofa and i think the ‘in-yer-faceness’ of it would be tempered by teaming it with the more subdued – but equally stunning – paris in pink tint and cape cod in london fog. what do you think, will this combo make a stylish statement on my sofa?

i also thought it would be lovely to get in touch with nina and ask her to be my next victim participant in my coffee & conversation series, getting to know the people behind some of my favourite interior style brands. read on to discover her love of routines, avocados and italy..

nina kullberg, founder, nina kullberg textiles

describe your weekday morning routine.

i’m a routine person, i love routines and always have done. during the weekdays my breakfast consists of two thick slices of toasted rye bread, with cottage cheese, a perfect yellow yolk egg and topped with smoked ham. this is combined with tons of black tea and a ginger shot. i take the ginger shoot first thing, before breakfast. the shot, which is my mum’s recipe, consists of; ginger, turmeric, lemon, and chili. i believe it’s good for the body and keeps you on a healthy track. after breakfast i then take my kids to school.

how does your weekend morning routine differ?

my weekend morning routine mainly differs in what i eat! i love to run, so i start off with a good run followed by our saturday tradition of eating waffles. waffles with fresh berries and greek yoghurt – the whole family loves it. i´m a true tea drinker, starting with the first cup after my run and then i always have a cup next to me until lunch, and then coffee takes over. i like all kinds of teas but my favourite is still fortnum and mason royal blend. in our family we love music, so after breakfast we listen to music and dance which our three kids love!

describe your favourite corner of your home.

our bed. i love to snuggle up in our bed. i’m into soft and luxurious fabrics, so i love having crisp bed linen sets. the hotel feeling is what i aim for, combined with a soft throw and lots of cushions, of course. i often sit in the bed working with my laptop.

what’s your favourite home fragrance?

i love anything by byredo – almost every fragrance is addictive.

go-to comfort food dish?

avocado toast is my absolute favourite, i eat it several times a week. dumplings is another favourite.

how do you like to unwind on a sunday evening?

after having a long, late lunch going into dinner with family or friends, watch i good tv series with my husband. at the moment i´m addicted to the norwegian series, skam, its brilliant. can´t wait for season 4 to be released.

where do you go for a weekend escape?

one of my favourite countries is italy – my husband and i got married there so it’s very special for us. for a weekend i would go to lake como, stay at a nice hotel, take long walks and eat the best food in the world. on my wish list is to stay at hotel il sereno by lake como which has been designed by patricia urquiola.

finally, what’s your dream destination for a month-long vacation?

i would love to travel in south america. stay at vineyards in chile and see the fantastic architecture and design shops in buenos aires. i lived in sao paulo for a while during my business school studies and would like to go back and stay at hotel fasano – my brother and i had one of the most fun evenings dining in the restaurant there. since my stay in brazil, south america has a special place in my heart and i would like to explore it more.

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  1. My other half is a bit obsessed with South America as well having travelled extensively before we met and now I’m desperate to go as well! I think you definitely need that lovely yellow cushion for your new place – it’ll detract from the grey skies above! ;) xx

  2. Cannot wait for you to move up Kate! I’d say it’s a brilliant excuse to get all the things you’ve wanted for ages but couldn’t justify. “New city, new me” kinda validation ;) xx

  3. How exciting that you’re moving. Just think of all the new bits you’ll be able to justify buying now. I mean it needs to feel like home, right? Love that yellow cushion, great choice. I now really want to go and stay at that hotel on Lake Como.

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