the fab flat: mirror, mirror

the fab flat: mirror, mirror

along with considering the artwork for my walls, i’ve also been looking at mirrors for my new home. my hallway in particular is in need of a good mirror to help bounce light further, as the two main windows in my home are in my lounge and bedroom on the opposite side of the flat. i’m also in need of a good floor-length mirror in the bedroom to help avert any fashion disasters (haha!) and a tabletop vanity mirror for atop my chest of drawers.

i’m not typically drawn to any designs that are overly ornate or intricate, much preferring the slim framed mirrors – often described as ‘frameless’ – and those that lean casually rather than being wall-mounted. i’m also finding myself far more drawn to those with rounder edged frames than sharp angular ones.. the softer silhouette feels much more in keeping with the relaxed homely vibe i’m looking to create.

here are a few of the designs i’m considering at the moment – let me know which ones you’d choose!

leaner mirrorsone: exclusive mirrors // two: exclusive mirrors // three: menu // four: loaf

hanging mirrorsone: ferm living // two: west elm // three: loaf // four: hay

vanity mirrorsone: oggetto // two: normann copenhagen // three: iris hantverk // four: future and found


  1. I actually really like all of the ones you’ve picked! You’ve got fab taste

  2. Carole King

    28 April

    All great choices hun. I really like the leaning one from Exclusive mirrors and I’d pair it with the Ogetto Vanity mirror in the bedroom. Whatever you choose will look amazing. x

  3. Oh my, you have great taste in mirrors! There isn’t one here I don’t like, I would definitely give them all house room :)

  4. Geraldine

    28 April

    What a great collection. I’m spoilt for choice.

  5. Stephanie

    30 April

    I love the vanity mirror with the tray, i like them all really! It would look really nice on a dressing table.

  6. I really like the one from Exclusive Mirrors, but it’s not that tall. The Menu one is really nice too!

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