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i’m trying to be mindful of each product i bring into my new home and ensure i’m being as ethical and sustainable as i possibly can.

of course, i’m furnishing a new space on a bit of a budget, so can’t always opt for the most socially responsible or green options in every case, but i’m certainly trying to keep these values top of mind as i shop for pieces throughout my home.

with this in mind, i was delighted to discover that household goods brand brabantia have a new range of waste management solutions for the home that are not only super sustainable but also sold in support of the ocean cleanup foundation, which is developing advanced technologies to rid world’s oceans of plastic. even better? they look super stylish too and are available in a huge range of colours so you can find one to suit any style of home décor. for me that’s often the biggest hurdle to being ethical or socially responsible: finding products that marry ethics with aesthetics successfully. happily, brabantia’s newIcon pedal bins do just that!

these new pedal bins are made from 40% high-grade recycled materials, and after use 98% of the bin and packaging is recyclable as well. on top of that, for every newIcon pedal bin sold, brabantia will make a donation to the ocean cleanup. did you know that over five trillion pieces of plastic currently litter the ocean? this has massive implications on the delicate ecological balance of the marine ecosystem, as well as a significant economic impact on fisheries, shipping and tourism. cleanup using conventional methods – vessels and nets – would take thousands of years and tens of billions of dollars to complete. the ocean clean-up initiative, founded in 2013 by then-17-year old boyan slat, utilises a passive system with the potential to remove about half the great pacific garbage patch in 10 years, at a fraction of the cost. the whole premise is hugely fascinating: you can discover more about the technology here.

in 60 years, we have made over 50 million pedal bins. in the newIcon pedal bins we bring this expertise and focus on sustainability together. besides the great design and beautiful colours, the newIcon pedal bins are a great step towards 100% recyclability and great value for money. our best bins ever. ~ robert engels, category manager waste management

brabantia’s newIcon pedal bins not only support this incredibly worthwhile cause, they’re also designed to be reliable workers too. the sturdy bins have a non-slip base and anti-tilting block, as well as a unique soft-closure feature that allows the lid to close smoothly and quietly – no more sharp clangs that quite often go right through you!

the new designs are available in 3, 5, 12, 20 and 30 litres, so there is a bin to suit any room in the home from bathroom to office to kitchen, and come in 13 fabulous colours, including the new 2017 options of daisy yellow, clay pink (my fave!) and moss green.

which is your favourite hue?

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8 Responses

  1. What a great initiative! I really appreciate when companies are focused on the future and their ecological impact. I agree it’s sometimes hard to balance aesthetics with being environmentally friendly and these definitely tick both boxes. I have a Brabantia bin in my kitchen and honestly, I never thought I’d say that I love a bin. But I do really think it’s fantastic. Great quality products and so design-friendly as well. x

  2. I really like these! I hate when practical items that you cannot do without stick out like a sore thumb. Great that they’re thinking about design as well as eco impact. Brilliant!

  3. This is such a great initiative from Brabantia. It’s so important for brands to be playing their part and sends positive messages. Love the colour schemes.

  4. I’ve had a Brabantia bin for years but its not as nice looking as these new designs! I love the pink one.

  5. These are so pretty – definitely an improvement on the usual bathroom bins! I just love the pastels – we’re currently refurbishing two bathrooms, and I’m bookmarking this so we can match our bins to our color schemes!

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