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innovative warsaw-based start-up tylko describe themselves as ‘a new generation responsive design company’, founded by five entrepreneurial spirits from differing backgrounds in architecture, parametric design, branding and business development.

i first came across them during their launch at the london design festival in 2015 and was immediately drawn to their clean aesthetic and refreshingly inclusive attitude to design, which includes a wonderful shelving system that can be perfectly adjusted to suit even the most awkward of spaces or display paraphernalia.

what’s most exciting about their shelving systems is that anyone can become a designer; by utilising the latest technologies tylko have created an entire process that requires no prior design experience but instead the intimate knowledge of your own home and its contents that only you have, allowing you to create a shelving system built entirely to your own needs and requirements.

every home is different. at tylko, we believe that yours should be filled with perfect-fit, functional furniture that happens to look great.

you can design your shelving system either through the website or via their mobile app, which offers parametric design functionalities and augmented reality so you can visualise the piece in your own home. in case you’re worried that your lack of design credentials might result in the creation of a less than perfectly functional bookcase, never fear; although each shelf can be tailored in height, width and style, tylko’s designs have been expertly built around the dimensions of common household items, using the golden rules of design for the perfect proportions:

19cm for that precious photo of your grandmother

26cm for every book and magazine you love

 38cm for the vinyl records you can’t live without

the plywood used to produce the tylko shelf is made from slow-growth wood from finland’s birch forests – the material so strong and durable that it can easily outlive the trees planted to replace it.

as you build your units you can clearly see the cost of the shelving system increasing or decreasing as you change the height and width of your desired configuration. you also have the option of 3 different colourways – black, white or grey – made from premium strength 18mm finnish birch plywood from fsc certified suppliers. then once you’re set on your design, all you have to do is hit confirm and production files are automatically generated to be passed on to the manufacturer – neat, huh?

as units are being built to order, delivery generally takes around 4-7 weeks, and are delivered directly into the room you want to assemble the piece. each shelf has invisible, built-in colour coded connectors for fast and easy assembly that doesn’t require advanced diy skills, or the decoding of mind-boggling sketched instructions à la other better-known flat-pack companies..

now all that’s left is to have fun with the styling – stay tuned to see how i’ve worked my new tylko shelving units into my living room and office areas..


i’ve saved the best for last, because the lovely folks at tylko are offering all fabric of my life readers €75 off any order over  €500 using the code: fabricofmylife, valid until 01/07/17.

do be sure to tag me if you do create your own design – i’d love to see how you style up tylko shelving in your home!

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  1. LOVE the look of these shelves Kate – how clever that you can design them yourself! I always find my shelves a right pain with some of my larger ‘coffee table’ books so would be wonderful to design something multifunctional like this.

  2. Oh this is so clever! It’s quite similar to what Jali have been doing (where I got my kitchen shelf units) where you basically get to ‘play designer’ ;) But I do love the augmented reality part of it as well – that’s very cool. xx

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