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The Fab Flat: Bed Linens

A new bed requires new bed linens, non?

As I seek to make my bedroom a sanctuary of restful slumber and indulgent relaxation I’ve been keen to upgrade not only my duvet and pillows, but also the selection of bedding I have on rotation.


Fun fact: T used to work on the home interiors floor of a big UK department store and spent many a day manning the bed linens section, learning all about thread counts and weaves from the concession staff on each of the big-name linen brands we stocked.


While it’s essentially true that the higher the thread count, the better the quality, its also worth noting that my favourite bedding material —linen— isn’t classified in thread count and, while a higher thread count in cotton may be softer and silkier to sleep on, its less likely to launder well over the years. 


I personally much prefer linen over cotton for its unique, thermo-insulation properties that keep you cool in summer, whilst trapping your body heat to keep you cosy in winter too. I’m also a huge fan of any bed linen that doesn’t require me to spend hours ironing it after washing – one too many styling gigs armed with an iron for hours on end have led me to really despise this tedious household chore!


So, over the years I’ve come to rely on a few key brands and boutiques that I know offer beautiful ranges of high quality linens, which not only look beautiful adorning my bed but also wash well time and time again.


Here are a few of my faves:


Loaf lazy linen is made from 100% crushed Belgian linen that requires no ironing at all – definitely a winner in my book!


This easy-care bedding range is available in four beautiful muted hues that celebrate the relaxed crumpled look of a laid-back carefree home. I’ve got the dusty pink set on rotation already and will no doubt add the charcoal into my scheme come the winter months..


Influenced by the unadorned and simple aesthetic of Scandinavian and Japanese design, the SS17 Murmur bedlinen collection from Bedeck marries natural materials with carefully scaled geometric patterns, inspired by block prints and Batik-style dyeing techniques. These cotton percale sheets might require a little ironing to eek out the stubbornest of creases but the fine patterning and soft colour palette means these designs can withstand a few crumples too, and still look beautiful adorning your bed.

Soak & Sleep

Soak & Sleep’s French bedlinen selection is described as ‘tousled, smooth and chic,’ and is one of their best-selling linen ranges.


I have a set of their pure white French linens which is frequently used as a base layer when styling up my bed, and I’m loving the recent addition of this French Riviera inspired blue and white Linen Stripe design to their SS17 range, which also includes soft neutral hues in charcoal, grey and pale green.

Secret Linen Store

The Secret Linen Store describe themselves as a ‘something for everyone’ brand, and you can find an array of bold graphic patterns, stylish stripes and delicate intricate designs, alongside a fantastic selection of neutral base-layer staples, in their beautiful online store.


Run by sisters Molly and Harriet, Secret Linen Store pride themselves on working with the best factories in Portugal to enable them to offer beautiful, well-made woven bedding and accessories, directly from source into your home.

The Linen Works

The Linen Works has been creating beautifully crafted pure linen products for over ten years, and I’ve long been a fan of their soft muted hues, relaxed tailoring and gorgeous brand imagery. My first ever linen bedsheets purchase was their Parisian Blue set and I’ve been hooked ever since! They also have the most wonderful selection of linen nightwear, including nightdresses and pyjama short sets that are perfect for the summer months. I absolutely adore my dove grey set, and am frequently still in it halfway through the morning – whoops!

Want more?

Here are another 5 fab bedding options I’m lusting after…

ONE:  The White Company  — TWO:  Sheridan — THREE:  West Elm — FOUR: Christy  — FIVE:  Urbanara

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9 Responses

  1. I liked the sheridan and this loaf lazy linen that doesn’t need to be ironed grabbed me a lot…

  2. Oh I do love a nice set of bed linens! It’s one of those indulgences that are totally worth it. I have both Soak & Sleep linens as well as Secret Linen store and agree they make some really beautiful high-quality bedding that washes beautifully! xx

  3. Isn’t if funny how it seems absolutely essential to have new bedding in a new home? I’ve never actually had linen – I’m a slave to the ironing board obvs- but I’m considering giving it a go.

  4. There’s nothing nicer than falling asleep in a pretty bed with the nicest bed linen. I absolutely adore the blue and white linen strip design by Soak & Sleep. Thanks for sharing such great brands. Love, Kirsten x

  5. I have both murmur and Secret Linen Store bedding and can confirm that they are amazing. There must be something with linen bedding too … my four year old will only sleep on linen pillow cases. It’s a strange quirk. He says that others hurt his face and aren’t as soft. If I put anything else on the beds, he insists that they’re changed :)

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