a new sofa, darling?

a new sofa, darling?

when i moved into my new flat three months ago, i brought with me my old navy blue sofa, and a couple of side chairs. that was it – no other furniture. with so many other pieces of furniture required i knew i had not budget left to replace my old sofa as well, but that didn’t stop me imagining what i might have invested in for my new space, should my budget had allowed it.

darlings of chelsea is a sofa store based just around the corner from my old home in fulham, and every time i went past on the way to the tube station i’d have a nosy through the window at their beautiful displays. since my morning commute no longer takes me past their door – alas, i’m now 160 odd miles away! – it was a pleasure to receive an email recently chock-full with their latest lifestyle imagery, which tipped me over the edge into new sofa fantasy land once again!

do you have a favourite sofa style? of course a sofa has to look good, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is to have a sofa you can come home and collapse upon, sprawled out all comfortable and relaxed. i like to have a high enough back to provide plenty of head support, but also to have a deep seat with space to pull my legs up and under me. as for armrests, mine are currently fairly non-existent as the sides are so slim but if i’m (fantasy) upgrading, i’d go for much deeper sides that can provide ample room to rest my coffee cup – or even to perch upon whilst chatting on the phone – so this dusky pink lorena sofa, with adjustable headrests and recliner functions, pretty much ticks all my boxes! millennial pink seems to be a bit of a buzzword this year, but i think this softer, duskier hue feels a little more classic than the overly saccharine tone being touted as the colour of the moment. a sofa is an investment piece, and this shade feels like it would have far more mileage in it, pairing wonderfully with muted greys and monochrome for a sophisticated decor scheme, or softened further with an array of buttery hues and botanical green for a more bohemian flair.

(aside: is it just me or do you always find yourself gravitating towards sitting on the armrest of sofas, over actually sitting down upon the seat? it’s probably for the best that i can’t do that with my current sofa!)

i’ve also been thinking a lot about what type of fabric upholstery i’d opt for on a new sofa. velvet seems to be everywhere just now, have you noticed that? it’s definitely the en-trend fabric of 2017 and looking at this heartwood sofa in dark plush velvet i can totally see why – don’t you just want to sink into those big ol’ squishy cushions? despite often being associated with a glamorous, opulent style of decor, i think velvet can work equally well dressed down and slightly distressed, which much better suits my interior style. i like my velvet to feel lived-in, with a few scuff marks and plenty of layers to enhance the touchy-feely quality of the fabric. the kali armchair with footrest in inky blue velvet (below), would provide the perfect daytime nook to curl up in reading your favourite novel with ample space to keep a tray laden with coffee and biscuits close to hand.

now i’m not one who thinks a white leather sofa would be entirely practical in my home, but i can definitely see this beautifully proportioned elena sofa softened with a fluffy sheepskin and a few navajo inspired print cushions and throws for a relaxed bohemian feel. i’m not usually a huge fan of chrome legs, but the geometric angling on these have totally won me around and given this classic style a tougher, more modern edge.

another chunky recliner option, this rocco sofa in palest pinky grey (which darlings call turtledove) may actually be the best sofa ever for spending an entire day on! with the top seat-back cushion reclining a full 90 degrees it adds yet another surface to lay down your book or cup of coffee upon, or simply rest your arm whilst reclining lengthways across the sofa.

lastly, the tuxedo arms and cubic shape of the maxim sofa give it a chic modern edge but i love the way the back and side cushions help to relax the feel of this otherwise fairly tailored sofa. this design is perhaps the closest in style to my current sofa, which is why i had to include it here, to remind myself i do actually have a sofa i love and need to stop daydreaming.. in fact, stay tuned as later this week i’ll be revealing my new living room in the first of my styled fab flat posts – gosh, what exciting times! 

are you on the hunt for a new sofa at the moment? have any of these beauties from darlings of chelsea taken your fancy?

this post has been written in collaboration with darlings of chelsea, but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

  1. Jessica

    30 May

    I love the soft pink sofas! My living room is definitely in need of a sofa upgrade but I’m not sure I’d be able to convince the hubby on pink.. haha

  2. Arianna

    30 May

    That blush sofa is so gorgeous! Can’t wait to see your home. Actually can’t wait to visit it :) xxxx

  3. Candy Pop

    30 May

    So many beautiful sofas. I think my favourite is the navy blue one!

  4. Kathy Hoctor

    30 May

    Heartwood is my fav for sure !!

  5. I love those velvet sofas, they are utterly gorgeous. Laughed about your armrest comment – I can’t do it all the well with my current sofa, but still find myself trying!

  6. Carole

    1 June

    The very first one would be my choice: I like a sofa (probably the reason why my “sofa” is a day bed) where I can really stretch out, lie down if needed, and cuddle up with Monsieur. I’d probably just change the cushions for something a little less matched ;-) xo

  7. I’m dying to replace my sofa. I love that denim blue style one – would sit in my home beautifully.

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