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i knew when i moved home that i wanted to start building up a collection of good quality everyday tableware that would stand me in good stead for many years to come. that said, i knew i didn’t want to – nor could afford to – invest in a full table set right of the bat (i’m rarely catering for more than two, and can only fit four round my dining table anyway!) and that a traditional mind-set of matchy-matchy sets wasn’t necessarily for me.

so when iittala got in touch recently about their new table reset campaign i knew it would be a match made in heaven. iittala are a brand whose design aesthetics marry perfectly with my own and one i have a special affinity for, having visited the iittala design factory in helsinki a few years ago for an exclusive factory tour and chance to design my very own iittala mug! the latest navy blue incarnation of iittala’s modern everyday teema range is a wonderful match for the blue accents in my living space, which has been built around my trusty navy blue habitat sofa. designed by kaj franck and first introduced in 1952 (when it was initially known as kilta), the beauty of the iittala teema range lies in its clean simple lines and ergonomic proportions. its also a design that iittala will stock (in theory) forever, adding line extensions and limited edition colourways that can be mix-and-matched with the base neutrals of the range, so you’ll always be able to grow your collection as your circumstances change, or replace chipped or broken pieces.

we believe there are no set rules for setting a table. you make the rules. sometimes you even bend them to set the mood. we encourage you to clear the table. to mix old with new. to rethink routine and ritual. to be curious and playful. reset your table with iittala and redefine dining.

i love this philosophy that iittala champion; encouraging people to clear their minds of traditional table settings and explore their creative side by mixing old with new, rethinking routines and rituals and being creative and playful when setting the table. this mindset puts the focus on taking time to pause and enjoy eating together with friends and family, setting the table in a beautiful and considered way so that it becomes an essential part of the multisensory experience of eating, regardless of whether the meal is a slow-cooked sunday roast or quick takeaway.

for their table reset challenge i’ve paired blue dotted pieces with pale blue teema side plates and design classic kastehelmi plate in aquamarine. i love the varying shades of blue across the table, which provided a beautiful backdrop to a colourful european style breakfast buffet, don’t you agree?

i really cannot gush more about how much i love the new dotted blue version of teema. the duo-coloured glazing brings a completely new look and feel to the range – which has always placed a great emphasis on colour – with lighter dots playfully dancing across the classic blue glaze base. the glaze on each mug and plate is unique, with the dots forming a gentle, random pattern in the production process, showcasing a state-of-the-art expertise in ceramic colouring that has seen the company’s chemists create over 20,000 ceramic shades during the long history of its ceramics process.

it’s no coincidence that iittala’s new ranges showcase the colour blue; its a colour that pays homage to the 100-year anniversary of the design brand’s home country, finland, by emulating the blue skies and innumerable blue lakes of the nation.

shop the look:

i’m certainly happy with how seamlessly my new iittala teema pieces have integrated into my table set-up at home, sitting alongside the luno bottle* by animacontemporanea, theo slow coffee brewer* from oggetto and white wire basket* from bend goods. the everyday luxury feel of the collection also makes it a natural partner for my casual suki dining table* from habitat; a perfectly formed folding round table that can be used with one or both of its leaves raised and can be compactly stored away when not in use. it really is a wonderful solution to small space living and was actually the very first piece of furniture i added to my flat when i moved in – i’d known for months before i moved that it would form the basis of my new dining area (which will be revealed in full shortly!)

what do you think about iittala’s new table reset campaign: are you all for relaxed, mismatched casual dining, or do you prefer a more matched and ordered set-up?

this post is in collaboration with iittala, but all views are as always my own. other items in this post have also been gifted by the respective brands, and are denoted with an asterisk. photography © kate baxter / fabric of my life. 


  1. Cate

    6 June

    I love the Teema range, I have it in white and grey and love mix and matching it! I love how there’s lots of different sizes of dishes as well to serve different functions, the little coffee cups are my favourite. The blue is such a lovely shade and suits your home so well xxx

  2. Hannah

    6 June

    Mix and match all the way for me! Love this styling Kate x

  3. Lucy

    7 June

    Teema is new to me but I can see why you’re a fan. Love the speckled print. So pretty x

  4. This looks like one of those that will just never date. A real classic design

  5. Saw these snaps on your IG> Lovely styling and that cute dining table is the perfect size for breakfast.

  6. Relaxed, mismatched casual dining for me. Navy is my all time favourite colour too so this range really appeals to me.

  7. Stephanie

    8 June

    Oh I love the same normally, but I am loving these plates and it would be fun to have mix and match!

  8. Geraldine

    9 June

    Looks wonderful. I’m a great believer in ittala. I have the plates in grey, blue and mint green.

  9. I love a mismatched table setting. And I love your colour combination. Is this the breakfast I’ll get when I come to stay? xx

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