hustle & hydrate

hustle & hydrate

maan, it’s hot, hot, hot! but don’t worry, i’m not complaining ;)

the thing i struggle most with when the temperature starts to nudge into the latter twenties and early thirties is ensuring i stay hydrated. i’ve been working from my home office this week luckily, so keeping a carafe and water glasses on my desk has been a constant reminder to keep taking on liquids. i like to spike my water with a little fruit to keep my tastebuds happy; my current fave is the simplicity of crisp cucumber, but i’m also partial to a slice of orange and sprig of rosemary when i’m feeling a little fancier.

how do you like to spice up your h2o intake?

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  1. Love the Rattan Rose & Grey ones!! See you later lovely!

  2. Carole King

    21 June

    I’m with Sus, the rattan and glass are my faves. I’m partial to some cucumber in my water too. Don’t work too hard hun. x

  3. Geraldine

    21 June

    A wonderful selection. Love lemon slices or mint in iced cold water. So refreshing x

  4. I’m rubbish as staying hydrated and often end up with headaches. I’ve been really good the past week though (out of necessity) and I feel so much better for it. Never tried orange and rosemary in water but will certainly give it a go. It sounds lovely.

  5. Ooh, hello gorgeous rattan glass holders – I should have known they were Rose & Grey! I definitely don’t drink enough water, but a stylish carafe and glass on my desk might just help me change my ways :)

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