you keep me hangin’ on

you keep me hangin’ on

bohemian wall hangings are so en trend for summer 2017, and i for one can’t get enough! sure, there are a lot of really dodgy options out there, but there are also some really stunning and wonderfully sculptural designs on offer if you do your research. i love how versatile a wall hanging can be and how easy it is to put up – especially in a rental property when you’re scared of damaging your walls too much. i have a beautiful boho wall hanging, which i discovered at moth on burton road, positioned above my bed using a command strip hook that promises to peel away from the wall without leaving a mark when i pack up and move on (although hopefully not for a long time yet!). whether it be a macrame knotted affair, feather juju hat, animal skull (fake, of course), bent metal sign or woven tapestry – even a beautiful rug too precious to place underfoot – there are so many different ways to spruce your walls up with creative artwork that goes beyond the obvious hung picture frame..

shop the look: 

what do you think; are bohemian wall hangings something you would consider for your home?


  1. oooo love a boho wall hanging! I like the top right one!

  2. I have had my eye on a hanging for months (I see them all the time on IG) but not sure what to go for. In the end, I bought a feathered necklace in Bali which I think I will hang up – it’s a bit like your juju headdress one you have featured. And oddly, I bought an arrow yesterday for my living room… this is very much my thing style wise.

  3. I’ve considered a woven wall hanging for ages now but still haven’t decided what I want yet – I love the juju hats and how much texture they add too. Maybe I’ll just get both and be done with it ;) I do have a carved skull in my dining room however which is always a talking point. Love all this stuff! xxx

  4. Geraldine

    2 July

    A lovely selection. Love the whole boho trend. Just been trying to create that look at home but with lots of colour.

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