menu space

i’m such a sucker for pretty much everything norm architects do, and as soon as these stunning images of the new space they created for danish design company menu popped into my inbox, i knew i had to share them here.

menu space incorporates a newly completed showroom, office, and café, which have been designed to create a community around menu as a design brand. the new creative initiative is aimed at bringing likeminded creative thinkers closer to the brand by encouraging them to share their stories, ideas and processes within a welcoming space where everyone is encouraged to stop by – for a coffee, a meeting, or simply to have a close up look at the designs of menu.

the interior has been inspired by the raw and industrial setting of the surrounding up-and-coming copenhagen harbour-side neighbourhood of nordhavn – echoed in the use of strong materials such as concrete and steel which can be seen throughout – providing a beautiful contrast to the objects and designs that fill the space, and offering a flexible backdrop upon which the showroom can be transformed again and again.

the space draws heavy inspiration from strong materials such as concrete and steel, which can be seen throughout the space. this use of natural and durable materials provides a beautiful contrast to the objects and designs that fill the plateaus, floors, and corners. ~ norm architects 

the idea is to keep menu space moving and ever changing. to have friends of the house and people we admire stop by on a regular basis and change the interior layout however they see fit – ensuring that we always have a vibrant, creative, lively space that continues to inspire our neighbours, visitors, friends, clients, and designers ~ joachim kornbæk engell-hansen, design director, menu

as with all norm architect designs, i love the simple aesthetic and sense of refined elegance that creates, while still packing a dynamic visual punch. i can’t wait to visit next time i’m in town!

menu space, hamborg plads, 2150 nordhavn, denmark

styling – menu & nathalie schwer; photos – jonas bjerre poulsen, norm architects


  1. This is a bit special. And those curtains, normally I’d be like- BROWN CURTAINS… but it totally works here!

  2. Ahh, what a space. Minimal, natural, lovely. I could literally gaze at the shelves photo all day!

  3. Karen

    28 June

    I love interiors that make me change my mind on something. I’d normally not be drawn to anything brown or too minimal but this just WORKS. It’s beautiful x

  4. wow nice interior design
    curtains, shelves, chair.. and everything
    thank you for sharing with us

  5. Wow, stunning! I love spaces like this. Especially all the industrial elements and materials!

  6. It’s probably a bit too minimal for my personal tastes (what can I say, I like a bit of visual noise/colour when I’m working lol) but I really do love the bar area – it’s a gorgeous use of space! xx

  7. Arianna

    29 June

    Gosh this is gorgeous! Should we organise a trip ;) xxx

  8. Jen

    5 July

    Wow Kate, what a stunning space.

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